Monday, 31 October 2011


Before the clever clogs amongst you point it out, let me start of by saying that 'Hallowean' is not a typo or spelling error.  It is deliberate and will become much clearer as you read on. 

I had an invitation to attend a Hallowean party courtesy of my nephews and nieces in Wales, but as you may know I am back in Scotland.  Instead I will have some sweets and some mini home -made pumpkin muffins for the 'trick and treating weans'  here, should any of them come knocking on my door on this very wet evening.  For those of you unfamiliar with the word 'wean'.  In some parts of Scotland, children are referred to as 'wean'.  It is derived from the Scottish word 'wee ane', where ane means one.  In this blog post, a first ever I introduce you to some of my young nephews and nieces, there ages range from 5 to 10 - aka weans, so I think this post is appropriately titled. 

Well I will not be able to attend their Halloween Party tonight, but I did get to see them carve out there pumpkin, something that they were all very proud of showing off!  Here they are -well sort of...playing in the dark with their glowing pumpkin.
I like this picture, although my nephews are featured here 'cheek to cheek', it looks like I have a two -headed nephew.
I don't know if I will ever be blessed with little ones of my own, but the past week I have had fun spending time with them and seeing their different personalities: likes and dislikes .  We made some smarty flapjacks topped with chocolate; got dirty by doing a bit of gardening: digging and weeding ; some window shopping; as well as attending a free food festival.  

Here are a couple of photographs from their Halloween Party last year.  

Below is a bottle of home-made potion requiring some spooky ingredients.
Enjoy your evening, whatever you are doing tonight.


  1. This post is so sweet! We don't celebrate Halloween in Estonia. It's not Estonian tradition, but we do have even two days when children visit homes and ask for candies. St Martin's day and St Catherine's day.

  2. I really struggled to get some of those ingredients Shaheen.

    But managed it.

    Recipe needed now please, lol!

    Happy Halloween!!!

  3. I was thinking of making some Chilli-flavoured cookies for my Trick-or-Treaters. It would be nice to see which way they were interpreted! (Only joking. Chillis are too good to waste on anyone who doesn't like them!)

  4. Great photos Shaheen - and it does look like they are fun - and having fun! Two headed nephew looks funny too.

  5. Fab glowing pumpkin photos, very atmospheric and evocative of the celebration. Thankfully our evening was undisturbed by the teenagers who look more like muggers than innocent trick-or-treaters.

  6. Now this is a really beautiful photo of the wee ones :)
    and I hope the trick-and-treaters appreciated your home-made muffins!

  7. So have you moved or are you visiting? It's been a wet day here as well and not spent as anticipated...Cute photos!

  8. Thanks Lela.
    We did not grow up celebrating Halloween, but now my nephews and nieces do - times change with the generations and the influence of consumerism. It's intereresting to learn that you do something similar - not the dressing up - but when children visit homes and ask for candies. Hope you are well. I have come by your blog, just haven't commented :)

    Thanks Chris.
    Yeah its quite funny, written by one of the wee ones. I smiled at the ingredients and the spelling. I will try and get the recipe from them for you :)

    Thank you Mark.
    Your right those Chilli-flavoured cookies would have been a waste on those who may not appreciate it, but I assure you had you offered it to my nephews and nieces they would have loved them, they grew up eating spicy food.

    Thank you duchess_declutter.
    I did not have my ususal camera with me for the first glow in the dark pictures but I was pleased with the result. The others were taken last year by my brother on his mobile. I thought they came out fab too.

  9. Thank you Greensleeves.
    We have lots of young folk around where I live that do look like trouble than innocent trick-or-treaters. We were actually relatively left undisturbed too as it rained heavy, keeping many people away.

    Thanks Torwen.
    I' was plesed that their parents allowed me to share it on my blog - you can't really see their sweet angelic faces under that make-sup :)

    Re the trick-and-treaters - we barely had any, so more muffins in our bellies.

    Hi e - no not yet, but the process has kind of started, we have found a place and will be probably moving in early next year. I was really down for my mother and her operation (see post with Cider Cake).

    Thanks Kristy Lynn.

  10. That is a fabulous Halloween pumpkin! It's my little boys birthday on Halloween (not too monster like yet....) - he was 2 yesterday so I think its only a matter of time before we have Halloween themed parties...I need to hone my carving skills though - is it really difficult?

  11. Oh actually children do dress up at these days. But not exactly in a scary way. At St Martin's day they dress up like men (in black) and at St Catherine's day like women (in white). I used to do that when I was little.

  12. Thanks Liz.
    Oh belated Birthday wishes to your little one - good to read that he is not a little monster yet. But your right, its a matter of time
    before you'll be having Halloween themed parties.

    Re carving skills - mine are really basic. Keep it simple, thats what I think.

    Thanks sooz.

    Thanks Lela - that is interesting - St Martin's day dressing up like men (in black) and at St Catherine's day like women (in white).


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