Thursday, 6 October 2011

Lucky Recipient

The past few months, I have not been able to treat myself to little kitchenette treats, but the generosity of fellow bloggers has been coming my way, albeit through the lucky dip selection.  Here let me share them with you. 

The first comes from Pia K of The World According to  Pia.  This is how I found out  - see below (image borrowed from her blog).  
Pia has a very charming blog based in Stockholm, Sweden. I absolutely adore visiting it as uplifts me tremendously in many ways.  I like her little babbaloos, moreso since one of them picked my name out as winner for her Tea giveaway - it was not ordinary tea, but  Chocolate tea from Malmö Chokladfabrik

I have yet to try the chocolate tea, but I've already tucked into the complimentary bar of chocolate-liquorice- salty chocolate that was simply exquisite. D ate most of it. There were also three magnetic bookmarks. This was not my first win with Pia, last year I won some tiny purple knitted mittens. Pia has recently published her first book 'Food and Drink with Bobbaloos'. Click here for more details. You may also be interested to not that she recently celebrated her 6th Blogiversary. Now that is dedication. Thank you so much Pia for your heart warming blog - long may it continue.
The next is perhaps the biggest and heaviest bars of chocolates I have ever received.  These were schlepped all the way from Wellington, New Zealand by Lucy aka The Kitchen Maid.  I was fortunate to be one of many of Lucy's winners for her first and most generous Blog Birthday giveaway.  Lucy writes 'Whittaker's is the only commercial chocolate brand made in New Zealand and I can personally vouch for its deliciousness. It's the only chocolate I use in baking (and we eat a fair amount of it too'.   I have to admit I have yet to try a bite, I am a little wimpish when it comes to dark chocolate, so these are definitely going to be baked into some chocolatey delights.

There are a number of things about Lucy's blog that I like, but mostly I like checking out her Musical Mondays, as she has similar musical tastes to me.  Thank you so much Lucy. 
Next up, from the other side of Scotland (I live on the West and Jacqueline of Tinned Tomatoes lives on the East). I won Jacquelines Apron giveaway from Buy Cute Aprons.   Cheekily, to save me from modelling it, I am perusing her image(see below), plus the fact its svery similar to the one she chose for herself known as the Wrap Apron VictoriaI quite like it, especially as it mimics a elegant dress rather than an apron.  I have to add, I was pleasantly surprised with the apron, as  those I've had in the past never felt right on me, as they were often designed for tall people, I am about 5'2, so this fit perfectly all round.  Thank you Jacqueline and Buy Cute Aprons.  I am looking forward to wearing it more when I eventually get moved to Wales. 
Finally, early this week I found out that I had also won Tans Ramsay's I love to bake cook book from Ren at Fabulicious Food.   I have to admit, this book is not on my 'wish lsit', but after reading Ren's review of it, I was curious about it.  It was in my hands by this afternoon.
So you can see from this blog post, that I have been a very lucky recipient indeed.  Thank you to them all!  


  1. Wow - very lucky.
    Can't believe you wimped out on modelling the apron for us. ;-)

  2. Wow! You've won so many lovely things, really lucky girl! :) I have only won one blog giveaway, it was last autumn.

  3. Goodness Shaheen you have been lucky. Well done and I'm really pleased your getting a few treats. I am of course envious of the chocolate and I so like the sound of the liquorice flavoured one.

  4. Thanks Lou.
    I have been.
    And yeph I know, naught me for not posing in the apron. ;-)

    Thanks Lela.
    I am sure there will be more.

    Thanks Choclette.
    I was rather pleased, as each brought a smile to my face and my dreary soul. The liquorice flavoured choc, really was wonderful.

  5. omg chocolate tea!
    you lucky lucky thing ^_^

  6. oh lucky you! and thank you for writing such kind words about me and my blog! and yes of course it was quite alright to borrow the picture, zanna and wilco are pleased about now having been featured on a scottish blog too;) don't forget to tell me what you think of the tea once you've tried it!

  7. Thank you Pia.
    You are absolutely welcome and Thank you to you x
    I will certainly let you know of how the tea is when I get round to trying it....not too long to wait now.

  8. Thank you for the mention and I'm delighted to hear you like your Cute Apron! I'm going to have to test out one of your delicious looking recipes.


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