Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Rosemary, Orange and Honey Drink

I think I mentioned about a week or so ago that both D and I were suffering from a cold.  Well the cold is gone, but I've been left with a dry, tickly and scratchy throat.  I was getting fed up of drinking the same things: cordials, herbal teas and hot Marmite. 

I looked in the kitchen cupboards nothing there, then I looked in the fridge - there was a carton of orange juice.  I was going to slam the fridge doors and slump back into the sofa, when I thought to myself, if you can have mulled wine and hot cider or apple juice, then why not hot orange juice.  Some orange juices can be too sharp, so for soothing sweetness I added some honey and for its medicinal properties as an expectorant, to relieve symptoms of cold, I included the evergreen, needle like herb rosemary. 
So was my throat better, no but both the fragrance and taste of this almost syrup thick liquid delighted me. I won't describe it as delicious, but I felt better for drinking it.
Hot Rosemary, Orange and Honey Drink
Makes 2 large mugs
½ litre of orange juice with bits
1 - 2 teaspoon honey or dark brown sugar
a sprig of fresh rosemary, washed
Put all the ingredients into a pan and bring to a gentle boil, then allow to simmer on low heat for 8 - 10 minutes for the flavours to infuse. Allow to cool, before removing the sprig before pouring it into tall glasses or mugs.


  1. This looks SUPER summery and refreshing :)

  2. Another delicious recipe!

    How do you do it!?

    Thanks again,

    Martin :)

  3. Hi, hope your throat clears up soon :D)

    How inventive of you, with this drink. It'd make a nice change from the lemon and honey I've been making for hubby. He's just about over a cold, I've just started.

  4. Looks lovely, anything with rosemary in it is a winner with me.

    I hope it did the trick too and your throat is feeling better.

    Sue xx

  5. I hope you're feeling 100% (that drink looks like it should have helped) soon. I have had a similar week and so relate to the tickly and scratchy throat...and the cough that seems to come in waves and irritate it further! Luckily mine is mostly cleared up and I hope you join me soon :)

  6. All the same, it looks creamy and yummy :)

  7. Oh and I do hope you and D feel better now! (sorry, forgot to add that in!)

  8. I know it's not quite in season yet, but I've tried hot lemon, honey and lavender and it was VERY nice- not sure that it did much for my cold but it certainly smelt good!

    I put the infused lav and lemon slices in the bath so it meant I could have a hot drink and matching bath- doesn't get better than that does it!?

  9. Hmmm... I really wasn't sure about the marmite rice, but I think I would like to try it, but hot orange juice? Ooo I just don't know how adventurous I can be!!

  10. This drink should be very refreshing ... and very tasty. Rosemary has the power to renew our strength.

    see you
    Daniel Deywes

  11. This is an interesting recipe... would definite;y like to try the rosemary orange combination! And hope u feel better!

  12. Hope you feel better, Mango. This orangey drink looks like a perfect pick-me-up. Honey always helps soothe a sore throat for me. I bet the rosemary was nice, too.

  13. Very interesting! I would have never thought of warming up orange juice...I suppose, why not?I love rosemary..have used it generally when roasting potatoes...How about adding a bit of ginger juice to it? May help with the throat pain...


  14. Thank you Jess :)

    Thank you Martin.
    One answer to your question - Greed :)

    Thank you Susan.
    Unfortunately whatever it is, its lingering may have to pay a visit to the doctor :( I hope your husband is feeling better and yours is not developing any further. Warm wishes.

  15. Thank you So much Sue.
    It was lovelyt o drink and felt soothing but the tickly throat lingers, esp. at nights.

    Thank you so much Kari.
    Healthwise, I'm feeling 80% (the drink was certainlysoothing, but didn't heal). Good to read that yours has cleared up, mine is still lingering, worse at nights. Not sure what it is. I've never had this trouble before.

    Thank you so much Sumaiyyah :)
    Your warm wishes are always welcomed.

    Hello ted and bunny,
    I am really liking your suggestion and will sure give it a go, esp as the scratchy throat is lingering and making me sleepy nights a nuisance. Even if it doesn't work, I know I will enjoy drinking it.

    Your lavemder and lemon slices bath sounds really luxurious, but I have to admit I won't be doing that. For a couple of reasons, but one - my husband will raise his eyebrows should I start throwing lemons in the bath - he knows he'll be the one cleaning it out!

  16. Hello Ali,
    You do make me smile.
    Go on try, hot orange juice - I dare you.

    Daniel Deywes,
    Its lovely to make your acquaince. Also Thank you so much for becoming a follower, it is very kind of you.

    Thank you Cooking Foodie.

    Its lovely to hear form you Sweet Snow Flakes.

    Thank you Barbara.

    Thank you Shilpa aka bakingdevil.
    I like the ginger juice suggestion. Maybe oneday...that one day is pretty soon.

  17. I was just going to say that you can just write 'Sumaiyyah', instead of 'SumaiyyahAbidah' which is kinda long. And I like your name- 'Shaheen', it sounds nice and is spelled in a way I like (with two 'e's).

  18. Okey dokey Sumaiyyah.
    And thank you for the compliment about my name, that's how my parents decided to spell it.

  19. Lovely idea; must be equally delicious as hot or cold drink I guess :)

  20. Thanks Torwen.
    Its def. good cold too.


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