Friday, 10 June 2011

Bumbling about

For those of you wondering of my whereabouts.  I am presently in Wales; staying with my parents.

My father: a man of very few words, said one of the sweetest things to me in a long time.  He has never visited me in Scotland, but he knows through my mother that I have an apple tree in my garden.  He says, 'When you move, you will be losing your apple tree, but in its place you will have gained another apple tree (at the allotment plot)'.  I was completely choked up.  
Humbled by the bumble bee

D has been at his mothers most of the week, and will be driving to Wales to pick me up in the next two days. So we should be back in Scotland soon and normal blogging will resume.     


  1. Now you have revealed your name, a photo would be nice too!

    I'd like to know when you started gardening and why? Oh and what you grew first?

  2. Thanks so much for the comment!! Looking forward to reading more of your blog :)

  3. Your Dad's comment sums up the challenges and advantages of moving so nicely (in fact, the challenges and advantages of any major life change). What a lovely piece of wisdom!

  4. My father in law was a man with few words too... enjoy your time with your father...

  5. Thanks Jacqueline.

    Thank you Jess :)

    Thank you so much Kari.

  6. Thank you Kath.

    Thank you so much Lrong.
    The new allotment is certainly bringing us closer after a long time of being apart.

    Thank you so, so much Miriam.

  7. It sounds like you are your fathers daughter!!

    He knows you so well, and can put into a few words the magic that is our relationship with loved ones and with the things we grow.

    Just the way you put down the recipes of the foods that you love in such a delightful way. a way that makes me print them all off for future use and inspires me to try new things.

    Sue xx

  8. Oh Sue,
    What a beautiful compliment. Thank you so much.

  9. Moments like those are so precious.

  10. That was lovely... and so very true. What a wise man :D)
    Thank you for visiting my blog, I'm so glad I found yours. Each time I pop over, I find something inspiring as well as delicious - how good is that!!
    Cheers, Susan


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