Friday, 3 June 2011

Meet Mangocheeks

Ah I bet you thought you'd be seeing a photograph of me.  Nope, I'm just teasing you with this Mango  Creme brûlée, though it would have been more appropriate had a I shown you a freshly sliced mango cheek!
On the subject of mangoes, a few weeks ago I was tagged by the beautiful LeLa of Touching the sky is easier for birds.  LeLa lives in Tartu, Estonia.  I've been reading Lela's blog for over a year now.  I can't remember exactly who found who, but I like frequenting her space and enjoying reading her views, and looking at the postcards she receives from around the world from fellow bloggers.

Lela would like me to share seven things about me. To be honest, I've been tagged before and found it quite difficult to share 7 things about me that others would find interesting.  I think I am very ordinary, and to be honest rather boring.  So I thought I'd give my readers the opportunity to ask me questions from which I will choose 6 to answer. 

For those of you wondering why I am still blogging as I had mentioned early in the week that we were going to be travelling down South.  Unfortunately, we have both had a stinky cold, so not to pass our germs onto friends and family, the trip to Essex via Wales has been postponed.  We still plan to go as D is eager to see his mother since the fracturing of her wrist, so as soon as we are both feeling much better, our trip will go ahead as originaly planned.  So fellow readers you have plenty of time to think about questions (please do keep them light hearted) and I will respond when I get back from my sojourn.

But I will get the ball rolling with one question that may have crossed your minds - Why Mangocheeks?

Gosh, I can't remember anymore, except that 'mangocheeks' was the affectionate name I gave to my youngest nephew because he was cute, sweet and had the smoothest kissable cheeks that only an Aunty could pull and kiss.  Its also a fruit that is very much part of my life.  My mother is a huge mango fan.  Every year she can't wait for the sweet mangoes to arrive on British shores.  It was also one of the first fruit I was given to eat, the way a ripe apple is given to a child by a mother in the West for teething, well the mango was perhaps the first fruit I really enjoyed eating - bite the mango, baby.

Funnily enough, a number of people have found my blogger name a little uncomfortable. They don't like referring to me as 'mangocheeks' as it conjured up particular images in their head. Had I given my blog name some deep consideration, this may have crossed my mind, but it had not and I was rather surprised and a little bewildered to see how such a innocent name could come mean something else.
And just in case you are wondering where the recipe is for this Mango Creme Brûlée.  Follow this link, it's the same recipe filling for the Creme Mango Lime Tart, but without the lime and the pastry.


  1. A photo would have been good but I guess you will post it next time:) Mangocheeks is an usual but interesting name though

  2. It must be telepathy! I have posted today a matcha crème brûlée recipe and, I swear, without visiting your blog before! Since I have recently realised some alterations of my favourite crème brûlée can be amazingly good, I should try your mango version. It looks very seducing.
    Luckily I still have time to think of a question, because I have no idea.
    I hope you will feel better soon.

  3. Oh so great that you'll let others ask questions instead of giving seven facts about yourself! And thank you so much for saying nice things about me and my blog, I'm truly grateful!! (I didn't know you liked my blog so much, I consider my blog not so interesting as others', like yours, which I enjoy reading very much. I especially love the photos, so clear and you always make interesting compositions.) You're definitely not a boring person!!! Every human being is interesting and unique, please remember that. AND think how many followers you have! People love you, dear mangocheeks (whatever your real name is, I like to call you like this)!

    I think I'll also ask you some questions, pick them or not, I don't mind. 1) What was your favourite and least favourite subject at school? 2) What is your best childhood memory? 3) Do you still like to read children books (or even buy them)? 4) What's your favourite animal?

    P.S. Sweet story behing your blog name!

    xoxo, Lela

  4. Well I think it is a lovely name, however, I do shorten it to MC )) sometimes. And yes, I did think you were going to post a photo of yourself!!

    Hope D's mom is improving and hope your colds are gone soon!

  5. Lovely twist! Mango for creme brulee! Love it!

  6. I think mangocheeks is an adorable name, especially now I've heard the story behind it! Mangos have recently become a big part of my life. Ever since I ate about 5 mangos a day when I went to Mexico in March (all inclusive!), I've been eating them non stop! Can't get enough! Never tried mango creme brulee but perhaps I should seeing as I love them both so much?!

  7. Interesting idea! My question might be about your early memories of cooking - did you do a lot of cooking as a child or did you pick it up as an adult?

    I quite liked the name mangocheeks but I also love shaheen. And I love your new background page.

    But I must protest that everyone's ordinary is different and I am sure I would find a lot of your ordinary stuff quite fascinating - besides I only have to look at your approach to food to know you aren't dull

  8. Congratulations on your new allotment and soon to be new home in Wales! I hope the new shores bring you much joy, great success, and wondrous new endeavors! I am so excited for you! I am so eager to see photos of your new home and new allotment! I can certainly sympathize with what it's like going through a move to a new region and the stress of searching for new employment - you have my warm thoughts, hugs, and blog friendship on your side! I'm so thankful for your warm words encouraging me!

    Thank you oh so much for your incredibly touching comment about our wedding photos... You are so sweet! Sending a big hug in return across the web! :-)

  9. Haha, I was cutting up mangoes yesterday, and I thought of you. Funny they call them 'cheeks, eh.

    The blogosphere is full of Mangoes right now (not complaining!). I've only got as far as mango cocktails so far, but they're nice!

  10. This must be like a taste of heaven, a mango brulee. And I always thought you got your name because you must have a wonderful smile that is all cheeks!

  11. this sounds really good... ;o)

  12. You are such a tease Mangocheeks! Shame on you!

  13. Or should I say Shaheen! Well done for exposing yourself (well in the nicest way of course). I no longer have to be careful not to say Shaheen and such a pretty name too, a shame not to use it :)

  14. Question:

    Would you please share some of the gardening/whole foods books that you have found the most helpful? Where do you get your inspiration?


  15. Mhhh,like the look of that Mango Creme Brulee!


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