Friday, 24 June 2011

Rosemary and Chilli Popcorn

One of my favourite Friday night nibbles is flavoured popcorn
When I was back at my parents recently, my nephew got me to try some new flavours including 'Sour Cream popcorn'- it was disgusting, unlike this homemade 'Rosemary and Chilli popcorn' which was good.  I especially liked how the rosemary sizzled up, so left a few leaves in the bowl for contrast.
Oh a word of warning, have a tissue ready to hand, as the chilli in this popcorn may tickle your nostrils and make you sneeze like a trooper. 
Its hard to give a recipe for popcorn as it depends on how many people your making it for.  I tend to eyeball the ingredients. 

For this Rosemary and Chilli Popcorn I coated the wide pan (with tight fitting lid) with olive oil, added a sprig of rosemary from my garden and let the two gently infuse on medium heat for a good minute.  Then I turn up the heat to high, add the popping corn kernels to cover the bottom of the pan, sprinkle it with a little salt, then I gave it a good stir and put the lid on.  Within a couple of minutes, it should start popping, feel free to give it a shake now and again.  When the popping has stopped, take the lid off and tip the popped corn into a large bowl, remove the rosemary sprig, and season to taste with chilli or cayenne powder and salt. Note: Please do not add the chilli powder to the cooking corn, as it will burn.


  1. I love this idea and am a huge fan of Rosemary. I've never thought to flavor popcorn this way, it sounds delicious;-)

  2. We often cook some pop corn at home. This way, we can avoid Monsanto OGM corn, and use a real good one.
    I love to use oregano and "pizza style" spices.
    Yours looks awesome. Just perfect.
    Have a nice week-end!

  3. Thank you Patty.
    Lovely to hear from you.

    Hi spécialiste de l'éphémère.
    Yes, like you I like making my own.

    I like your idea of "pizza style" spices fo popcorn.

    I hope your having a good week-end too!

  4. I love rosemary... and chili powder... and have never tried them together. Clearly that's blasphemous because this popcorn idea sounds delicious!

  5. Do you think this one would sell well at the cinema, as an alternative to the Caramel one?

  6. Mmmm, sounds GOOD!

  7. What a delicious flavor combination! I remember once trying "ranch" popcorn, which was probably disgusting but I do think my 12 year old self liked it.

  8. Hi Mark,
    No, not at cinemas - the chilli on the popcorn may be dangerous for some when its a soppy movie as they may rub there eyes, so much safer at home.

    Thank you CaveGirl.

    Thanks foodfeud.
    "ranch" popcorn, I'm intrigued, but not tempted :)

  9. Yes, will be trying this one soon. My husband is very keen to try - I have never heard of this flavour combo so I'm curious to see what its like too.

  10. Thanks Toru.
    Try the rosemary alone with a salt at first, then go ahead with the chilli or cayenne powder.
    I Hope you both like.

  11. Great recipe! I love homemade popcorn and never know what to flavour it with. I once had some goats cheese and black pepper popcorn from Selfridges which was delicious, but my attempt at making it at home did not go well!x

  12. Thank you Zoe.
    Goats cheese and black pepper - interesting.

  13. Looks awesome! I often make popcorn with cayenne and crushed red pepper, will have to try adding the rosemary for a delish twist!

  14. Thank you Sarah.
    I've had cayenne, but not crushed red pepper. will def. try.


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