Saturday, 28 November 2009

Flying Greenhouse

Most weekends D and myself go over to the allotment to work, harvest or even just check on progress, which was the purpose of today's visit. When we got there, our hearts sank. In fact we were both gutted. The greenhouse that we had lovingly relocated in April (see below) from plot 11 had been thrown from its location.
upside down to the strawberry bed opposite. It was kinda peculiar really, almost like someone had lifted it and toppled it over deliberately, but it was the recent high winds.

We have had no luck with this greenhouse, it is flimsy for the weather conditions in Scotland. This greenhouse was originally in our garden at home, but on New Years eve in 2007 the high winds had got it, it was mangled and we lost a load of panes and clips. I went ahead and ordered a load more to repair it. D decided to dismantle it and take it over to plot 11 where he rebuilt it. Then in 2008, the wind got it again, so D decided to glue the flimsy panes with mastic sealant. And because it cost us so much to buy additional panes and clips, as well as labour to repair, we decided to relocate it from plot 11 which we had decided to give up to plot 45. This year, again...the wind has got our greenhouse, but instead of losing the panes, it seems like the high wind had caught it and toppled it over, damaging and buckling the frame.

I do not have a photo of what it looks like today, as my intention was just to check things over at the plot, not harvest or work. But it is pretty bad. Thankfully with the help of my nephew we moved it back into position, but we will not be repairing it until next year. In fact, we may even decide just to dispose of it all together, we have not had any luck with this greenhouse and it has been quite costly, financially and emotionally...we are really gutted.


  1. what a shame, no wonder you're gutted ;o(
    {hug} x x x

  2. That's such a shame, after all the work you've gone through to fix it. I have to confess, I've never had much luck with greenhouse crops - and we inherited three greenhouses with our house!

  3. Rachel,
    Three greenhouses, my husband would love that.
    Maybe next year will be promising for you and greenhouse crops.

    Thanks for the virtual hug Nic.

  4. Awww, that it really too bad. We have had some damage at the allotment from winds as well (a half-toppled tayberry support), but fortunately my DH was able to repair and reinforce it. How disheartening to spend so much time on it only to have the wind wreck it.

  5. Here is another (((HUG))) really sorry to hear of this. If you all do decide to repair it why not try anchoring it to the ground onto concreted in blocks?

  6. Thanks for sharing Felicity.

    I know its not the end of the high winds, so am expecting more damage. Hey ho thats part of allotment life.

  7. Thank You Kella.
    Virtual hug appreciated and warmly accepted. Yes, we really should have anchored it down, but you know what it is like, other distractions. If we do put it together again, we will make sure we secure it properly.

  8. Bad luck on the damage front, I fear many will suffer from this adverse weather.
    We were given a greenhouse this year, but luckily have not got round to putting the glass in yet!

    Keep smilin'



  9. So sorry to hear about your greenhouse. The winds have been really bad lately. I found your blog through a link which was left in my comments from Mal at Mal's Allotment I had been asking my readers for recommendations of a good cookery book. I took on an allotment in March of this year and wanted something showing recipes made with the kind of food you would grow on an allotment. I've read your blog from start to this most recent post and I've been hooked. I will be following you from now on. You have a great style of writing, and it shows just how much you enjoy creating the dishes you show. I'm not vegetarian but the recipes you blog about will certainly be able to be incorporated into a meat eaters menu. I particularly enjoyed reading about the tomato recipes and will certainly be making some of those when I get my next crop next year. Unfortunately, my hubby and son aren't huge veggi eaters (I've only just got my hubby eating veggies since I've had the allotment, he wouldn't touch them before, so I suppose it's a step in the right direction) so I hope some of your recipes might tempt them more. I've also enjoyed the cake, muffin and slice recipes. Sorry it's a long comment, but I just wanted you to know how much I've enjoyed reading your blog.

  10. Sorry to hear about your greenhouse, can't believe how the wind can just pick things up, it's scary!

    Enjoyed the trip around Edinburgh in your last post, with you and your nephew :~)

  11. Thanks Ann.

    What can I say 'Mother nature is amazing'.

    Hello Gary also fondly known as Spud.
    You are right, many will suffer from this adverse weather and I am afriad there is more of it to come.

    You are fortunate to have not put up your greenhouse yet, maybe an idea to hold off until March next year.

    Oh Jo, Thank you so, so much.

    It is so lovely to make your acquaintance.
    Please do not apologise for the length of your comment. It is most appreciated and I really enjoyed reading it. I am so touched and honoured that you actually read through my posts, that must have kept you busy. Thank you so much for the kind words regarding my writing and the recipes, I do like to experiment. Sometimes the dishes are delicious, sometimes just okay, but Always edible. And I sincerely hope that they do appeal to meat eaters as well.

    Yes, it is a shame about the greenhouse, but its a part of growing and learning process. We should have anhcored it down really, so partly our mistake. My antics at the allotment have pretty much come to an end for this year, but I will be trying to eat with the seasons (though much won't be home-grown).

    Fingers crossed that both your husband and son come to like (even love) eating vegetables, homegrown taste far more superior than shop bought.

    Once again, Thank YOU and Welcome : )

  12. oh thats so sad! You must really have some crazy winds there.


  13. Hi Rose,
    Today the skies are blue, but it is really cold. Winter is definitely here, bringing along some harsh wind.

  14. Sorry to read about your greenhouse,you have put in alot of work with it hopefully it will pay off next season.We have had terrible rain and gales also over here.

  15. Thanks Peggy.
    I'm sorry to have read about your 'lack of drinking water and floods' in your area too.

  16. I'm so sorry about your greenhouse, good thing your nephew was there to help you out. Hope everything will be under control:)

  17. Thanks Oraphan.
    We will be going over this weekend to view the damage with fresh eyes, rather than with shocked eyes.


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