Saturday, 28 November 2009

Mallow Snowmen and a Haggis Samosa

As the skies were promising to keep the rain off parts of Scotland, yesterday I decided to take my guest (nephew) into Edinburgh.
He has been to Edinburgh and played tourist before, so yesterday was more about shopping and spending 'quality time' with his Aunty, rather than checking out Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile.
Princes street is really chaotic at the moment with road works, so other than stopping in Jenner's where we mused at these 'snowman; and 'Christmas tree' pasta shapes, we decided to check out the back streets and alleys.
We stopped at a popular fast-food bakery and picked up a couple of mallow snowmen to nibble on. Above are a few eateries in Edinburgh that I would recommend to vegetarians for flavour and value for money (from top left to bottom right: The Mosque Kitchen; Henderson's; Susie's Wholefood Diner; and Kalpna). In the early afternoon, we actually had a bite to eat at Henderson's Bistro. I had a Moroccan Stew served with couscous and my nephew had enchilada. For dessert we shared a cherry pie. The food was good, the only thing I did not enjoy was my espresso, it was very bitty.
We walked down South Bridge and Nicolson Street, which is just off the tourist track. On this street, you will also see a lot of student life, the diversity of the locals and a bit of 'real Edinburgh'. In this area, is one shop I like to visit now and again: Jordon Valley where I have bought fresh home-made halva. Unfortunately, when I got there we were greeted with a sign in the window 'we will be closed this Friday ...for Eid al-Adha'. Like many Americans celebrating Thanksgiving, Muslims around the world were celebrating Eid al-Adha. Eid Mabarak. While roaming the streets and shops, one of our first snacks was a 'vegetarian haggis samosa' from The Baked Potato. It was spicy and tasty. I like looking in charity and thrift shops and stopped at most of them, hoping to find a bargain or two. I don't send many Christmas cards, but decided to pick up half a dozen to send to family and friends abroad. I also stopped at one of my favourite independent bookshop called WordPower and picked up an unexpected early Christmas present to myself: Love Soup by Anna Thomas.
After our meal at Henderson's we walked back to the train station, taking a detour at the Continental Christmas Market that had set up in the park. These continental Christmas markets come into the cities almost every year selling crafts, hot dogs, stollen and hot mugs, in our case a plastic cup of gluwein. It wasn't particularly nice. Anyway, all in all we had a good day out, but I tell you my little feet were really sore from all the walking, that I was so glad when we got home.


  1. how funny to think a green gourmet giraffe was wandering round Edinburgh the same time as you ;o)

  2. wow, it looks really lovely there. Thrift shopping and exploring sounds like a perfect day out!


  3. Edinburgh is good change now and again. I particularly enjoyed checking out the thrift shops.

  4. yes it is a shame our paths didn't cross - especially as I would have loved to have seen the jenners pasta shapes and that haggis samosa - I love the potato shop but it just seemed too hard to go in with a stroller

    Once you have done the main tourist things it is nice to be able to relax a bit and just visit favourite places or shops - I could have spent hours in the shops in edinburgh without a certain baby!

  5. Many of the streets, especially those where toursits tread are not particularly wheelchair or pram friendly.

    Maybe next time your in Edinburgh our paths will cross.


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