Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Spot the difference

More pictures from this weekends hard work at the allotment. Now look and see if you can spot the difference?
This is a picture from a year and a half ago, look at the left side of the photo by the yellow hut.

Now look at the picture below from this weekend.
No fern tree. It was hard work sawing through the wood, but it served no purpose other than taking up valuable space. In this now vacant spot, I am hoping to move in our rescued mangled greenhouse that is presently located at Plot 11. I will have to bribe some friends with a good meal as I will need extra hands to lift and relocate the greenhouse, and then I will be ready to grow a lot more tomatoes and other exotics.


  1. I love that you are growing some of your own food! Your recipes look lovely as well.

  2. Thanks Michele. I am quite new to this blog thing, so it's nice to know I am doing well, both with the blog, the growing and the cooking.


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