Saturday, 28 March 2009

Bumblebee identification, free seeds and soup

This morning D and me went along to an Allotment Forum held by the local council today in the city centre. It was okay. There were many stalls there, by the usual organisations such as: the RSPB, Bumblebee Conservation Trust, Soil Association, Butterfly Conservation and many more. Plus there workshops on: organic gardening, allotment design, compost, raised beds and contaminated plots. Entry was free and the aim of the day was to promote allotment ethos. I was impressed with the growing with schools projects. Many of the kids were dipping their little noses into something called the smelly box. It was good to see that kind of engagement. It was also good to see some representation of local allotments (not ours of course), as well as view some displays of people posing with big smiles showing off their prize vegetables or plots with pride.
I managed to acquire some free seeds. Seeds that I probably would not have purchased, but may now grow, and if I don't use them, I am happy to give them to a fellow allotmenteer.
I also found some information on bumblebees, remember one of my earlier blogs I said I had to learn more about bumble bee identification, so this was a good discovery.

After a bit of a walk in the city centre, purchase of a DVD and a CD, we came back home for some left over rosemary, leek and potato soup, before heading out again, this time to visit the allotment.

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