Monday, 16 March 2009

Bird feeders - how many do you have?

Yesterday while tidying up the garden plot, I couldn't help but notice how many bird feeders have. Quite a few.
This one is mainly for the Field fair.
This one is for the blue tits, coal tits and Great Tits, but also for the wrens and sparrows.
Is free for all - mainly small birds.
Bird Table is for the robin.
Although bought with good intentions, this one is purely decorative, but the coconut shell does sometimes hold a suet ball.

The magpies, blackbirds, thrush and gang of starlings tend to scavenge on the ground for seed droppings or suet ball bits, and if their really lucky a worm or two.

In the past, the garden bird feeders and apple tree has also attracted Waxwings and a Woodpecker. The RSPB or SRSPB would be proud of us!

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