Monday, 9 March 2009

Plot 45 Crop Rotation Plan

I have decided not to grow Jersey Walking Stick; strawberry popcorn, asparagus lettuce, Edzell blue potatoes, Monarch celeriac, butternut squash and Uchiki kuri this year. They did not reward me well last year.

I am still thinking about this years crop rotation plan. These plans are from the past two years.

I have yet to place further seed orders. I was unable to get some of the vegetable seeds I wanted to grow from Erskine Garden, so I am placing a further order with the Organic catalogue. Yes, I know I am a little greedy being.
Sprouting Broccoli: Nine Star Perennial
Cabbage: Minicole and Pixie
Cauliflower: Violet Queen and Igloo
Courgette: Goldie
Squash: Golden apple and Blue Ballet
Purple Queen; Speedy and Major
Golden Detroit and di Chioggia

Plus some salad leaves and lettuces that I am still thinking about. I better hurry....

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