Saturday, 14 March 2009

First of the tomato seedlings

This time last year, I was failing to raise tomato seedlings, but this year, well look at them.

I only planted them in seed trays a week ago and put them in the windowsill, and they are already beginning to emerge. The only tomato seeds that are a little behind are the Golden Sunrise. But this time I am optimistic that they will come up.

I spent most of the morning pottering about at the allotment. I am so glad all the digging is done. I got all the seeds listed in my allotment diary planted into seed pots, as well as the carrot seeds: purple haze and resistafly in these large plastic containers I managed to rescue the works skip and recycled. These plastic containers are both large and high enough hopefully to keep the carrotfly away.

The only seeds to come up from last fortnights planting are the Purple top milan turnips. The seedlings are purple too. No sign of the broad beans yet.

I have yet to put my potatoes in. I am hoping I will do this tomorrow morning. Otherwise the deadline is next weekend.

Now with the rest of the evening to myself, and with there not being much on TV, I think I am going to reacquaint myself with McNulty, Bubbles and the delightful Omar. Indeed, I am talking about The Wire. For those who have not seen it I highly recommend it!

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