Sunday, 15 March 2009

Dead rats and garden tidy

I've been quite busy today. Instead of going to the allotment as planned yesterday, and plant potatoes, I decided to work on the home plot. It's looking rather neglected.
I pulled out the decaying Swiss chard and the last of the perpetual spinach, which has been growing in abundance over the winter season. D has gently requested Spanakopita. So that will be a dinner for later in the week.

D also turned over the contents in the compost bin. Look - doesn't all that homemade compost look good, and no rotting smell at all. D shovelled the compost soil onto the home plot, and turned the rest over. While I dug it and then raked it well into the ground.
I've written before about living near a rail track and how our garden bird feeders can sometimes attract vermin: rats to be more precise. Well while tiding up the garden, we found not one dead rat, but two dead rats. Eek. Both drowned in a large pot that had collected a lot of rainwater over the past few weeks, maybe even months. Oh the stench.
Anyway, after disposing the dead rats bodies and the digging and weeding, which wasn't really that bad. I put in our long overdue garlic, Red Baron onion sets, as well as Golden Gourmet shallots. In a small pot I also planted some Bright Light radish seeds. D also tidied up the border and transplanted some flower bulbs we got from the allotment. The names of the flowering bulbs have gone out of my head. When I remember, I promise to let you know.

For now here is a peek of my forced Rhubarb. Naughty me, I couldn't resist a peek
Lime green leaves and soft pink stems. These colours remind me of sweets from my childhood. Rhubarb and custard, and those green lime ones with chocolate inside - what were they called again? Oh I can't remember, but they were delicious.

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