Friday, 25 September 2015

Green and Black Chilli or Verdi Chilli

Food from the Indian Sub-Continent is what I grew up with and I love its diversity, but when I left home for University all those years ago, I discovered a whole world of global vegetarian cuisine from Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Moroccan, Malaysian, Thai, Greek, Turkish, Irish, Scottish and Mexican.  Vegan Mofo prompt today is to share your favourite cuisine.  Its hard to choose one cuisine that i favour over others, but I can hands down say what dish I really really like - Vegetarian Chilli. Although the Mexican cuisine I had in Scotland and Wales has never ever authentic, more Tex - Mex style, I developed a taste for Mexican flavours and vegetarian Chilli in its many incarnations became my favourite go to meal. 

Perhaps the first vegetarian Chilli I ever had was made with soya mince.  Later when I started making my own vegan Chilli from scratch, it was always made borlotti, pinto or kidney beans, then I discovered black turtle beans and this dish became my favourite for many reasons.  Its spices, its adaptability, the way it made me feel, the many memories associated with it that relate to my boyfriend now husband and much more.  I know Vegetarian Chilli stems from Tex Mex cuisine, and without getting into the politics of food I just want to simply say that I love the flavours and its become part of my repertoire. I don't make vegan chilli for friends now, as I like to give them a more sophisticated and thought out menu, but I do make it every so often for us, but also for my nephews and nieces if and when they choose to come over and hang out with me. 
Anyway, I made a big batch of this Green and Black Chilli to last us a few days for the working week.  It has marrow, some french beans, runner beans from the garden and to finish it off some fragrant coriander - my favourite herb.  
This vegan chilli is made with black turtle beans, spices such as cumin, coriander and oregano. The only part that changes now and again are the vegetables - depending on the season.  Sometimes it a mixture of bell peppersbeetroot, some times it pumpkin or butternut squash and some times, like now its with green vegetables.  If i had courgette and some broccoli, perhaps that would have gone into it too.  And sometimes its just a mix of various vegetables.
I will admit that is Green Chill is perhaps not the pretty like the Beetroot Chocolate Chilli adorned with beetroot hearts, but just as tasty.  D suggested we first have it with plain Basmati rice, rather than Enchiladas, and if there were any left, then perhaps jacket potatoes.  I even made a Welsh Chilli with white beans, leeks and red peppers.  So you can see, I love this vegan Chilli.  I am sharing this blog post with Eat Your Greens. 


  1. Chilli is such a good staple to have on hand for weeknight teas - it's always kidney and black beans in mine, and some rice and nacho chips on the side!

    1. Thanks Joey. Nacho chips, yes i do that too

  2. I love cooking chilli too and those beans are my favourites to use.

  3. Chilli is great, I love you can throw in loads of veggies and beans and have such a hearty meal easily.


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