Sunday, 20 September 2015

Cauliflower, Runner Beans and Chickpea Curry

Because of my South Asian features and heritage, a lot of people who don't know me stereotypically assume I just specialise in food from the Indian Sub-Continent.  And yes, although I can make a mean killer Chickpea Curry and Creamy Lentil Dal,  I have always branched out and made other worldly vegetarian cuisines.   I don't and have never wanted to be put into an 'ethnic' box. I have always avoided tokenism at work where people have used their ethnicity to progress; or permitted employers to use their photograph in promotional materials, when in reality the organisation was doing very little in relation to workplace diversity and addressing inequality, and I am sad to say such tokenism occurs somewhat in cooking too. I refuse to play that game and be a stereotype. I have and will always continue to remain true to myself.  I am diverse person and love cooking ethnically diverse world wide cuisine.  

Saying all this, I am very aware and proud of my roots and heritage, I just don't make a big thing of it.  Okay back to cooking, I am a self-taught cook, though I would be a liar if I didn't admit to my mother showing me how to make an awesome flaky Paratha filled with spicy cauliflower and onion; and tasty Onion and Spinach Bhaji's aka Pakoras, but in relation to other cuisine - I am self taught as I fell in love with cooking when when I had to fend myself at University. 
Vegan Mofo prompt today is to 'veganize an old family recipe'. I come from a  family that does not write down recipes, cook from cookbooks, from television programmes etc.  Recipes are simply passed on  from a family member or friends to another.  We learn by watching and doing, this is my way of saying  I don't have a family recipe to share. So instead I share with you one of my husband favourite Indian style recipes.: Cauliflower Curry aka Gobi Salan.  

As I had some runner beans from the garden, I decided to add these to the dish.  Normally its Cauliflower, potatoes and peas (Aloo, Muttar, Gobi), but this time it was runner beans and chickpeas.  I also made a Cauliflower and Beetroot Curry recently with Paneer which you could easily substitute it with tofu. 
Follow the Marrow Curry recipee, replacing the marrow with cauliflower, followed by the runner beans and chickpeas and cook till tender.  Serve with plain rice. 
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  1. I too first got into cooking when I was a student. I had a friend in a shared house who was a really good cook and big influence on me. She also introduced me to filter coffee- showing my age there- in the days before coffee shops! You have an amazing selection of recipes on your site, I'm really glad to have discovered your blog.

    1. Great to hear, Ah filter coffee, yes I discovered that at Uni (we may be similar age here), but it was only after attending a friends wedding that I tried coffee for the first time liked it and began drinking it. Thank you so much for your warm comment too, means a lot

  2. I like the idea of "other-worldly" cuisines! You certainly have a wide repertoire.

    1. You know what I mean Mark - and thank you as always x

  3. Great post and one I agree whole-heartedly with. As a Brit with mixed European heritage, some people seem surprised that I can cook a mean curry from scratch ;-) Shockingly, I only cook a handful of 'Sunday roasts' per year!

    1. So good to hear Lisa and I would happily sit down at your table any time. I know a Welsh white girl here who makes an mean good curry too, so good that she has started branching out and selling it at markets and is doing good.

  4. this has my favourite ingredients for curries, love it! The chocolate lime halva looks amazing :D

    1. Thanks,its been a while since i made the chocolate halva, may need to give it a go soon, esp, when people ask for gf sweet dishes


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