Thursday, 10 June 2010

Wild strawberries and my tiny garden plot

it really is tiny.
This morning it was drizzly, but by the time I got home the sun had decided to come out. So I pottered around the garden for a little while, absorbing the colours and the progress. The first berry to colour are these wild strawberries.
Some of you will remember I had transported these wild strawberry runners from my mothers garden in Wales. I am pleased to see that they have finally adapted to the Scottish climate.
Here are some regular strawberries growing in pots. I am realistic and accept his year I won't get the ruby sized strawberries as I did last year, but I will still enjoy these as they will be mine, organic and home-grown.
The lollo rosso has been dwindling slowly, but that's okay as I have some Trocadero lettuce flapping in the breeze. Sadly, my turnips have not taken. I'll have to sow some more over the weekend.
I have only seen one buzy bee visitor in the garden getting high on my chive flowers. Under this netting are various Brassica plants. As I am growing less than I did last year, I am not taking any chances with the cabbage white butterfly; and unlike the bumble bee, I have seen a number of cabbage butterflies passing by my tiny garden plot looking where they can lay there eggs - Shoo - Not here I say.
On the edge of the plot, I have some broad beans growing. I am happy to see this one actually flowering, as well as the peas on the wig-wam below.
I decided not to do a crop rotation plan or a growing plot plan for the garden plot this year. Simply because I no longer have the good fortune of having an allotment; or the luxury of a large growing space in my garden where it would make more sense to replenish the soil and limit the impact of disease harbouring in the grounds soil, but its not worth doing here in my garden plot - Why? because it really is a 'tiny' garden plot. It measures 3.3 metres long by 2.3 metres. The best I can do is cram what I can in, what I cannot is and has been going into pots and containers.
I don't have wall space either as I have neighbours on both sides. I have a fence, and I have put some hanging containers there such as these baby carrots, but I am a little nervous of them remaining there in the long term. You see we have new neighbours. The previous neighbours had two little girls always dressed in pink, who liked nothing else but to push their doll prams in the garden. This new family have two little boys and yes, they too do conform to gender stereotypes. These two little boys like playing football and getting into mischief. Fair enough, but I don't appreciate them poking there little, curious fingers in things that aren't theres and climbing into my garden now and again. The number of times I have already had to knock on my window from upstairs and give them the mad woman look. Cor I do feel like a grump sometimes.
I am just waiting for the day one of the hanging containers is knocked off the fence, especially as the fence dividing our gardens is already falling apart from the kicking of the football in recent weeks, or these potato pots being pushed over at some point. Or I could be optimistic... somehow I don't think so. Forgive me in what started of as a warm post, towards the end sounds like a bit of a rant.


  1. Those berries are beautiful! I need to grow some for reals, the only ones I ever see are store bought, how sad is that?

    Lovely post!

  2. Very nice garden pics! I have had my strawberries in for 3 years and have not had one strawberry!?

  3. Your garden, small thought it might be, looks fantastic. Proof that is is possible to grow fruit and veggies in small spaces. I bet those peas will be just lovely (if you can pick them before small wandering hands get to them!)

  4. What awesome fruit and veg you have growing in your garden, no matter how small it is, you are really utilizing it.

    Children will be children, but I'd guess you wont catch those boys eating your lettuce. :D

  5. Oh, how beautiful! I love all your plants. I especially love the strawberries! I tried growing strawberries here in Hawaii a few times, and they did well, but the birds would always eat them right when they got ripe. Do you have any advice on keeping the birds away? I am in the process of making a bird feeder in hopes that that will make them eat their own food and stay away from mine :)

  6. Your little garden plot looks lovely, Mango. Size doesn't matter when it comes to intensive gardening. I have those little alpine strawberries growing, too. Are those potatoes you have growing in the flower pots?

  7. Your photos once more bring tons of warmth to my heart. To my 'chagrin' you're indirectly making me miss my garden terribly. About a year ago...hubby and I made the big decision to downsize. We don't regret our decision one bit. This year was a big settling year for us. Next year I'll be scouting around for an enthusiastic community garden. Thankfully my inlaws and parents have some goodies to share from their well furnished gardens ;o)
    I'm glad I stopped by to see you again.
    Flavourful wishes,

  8. The strawberries are a lovely color and very pretty...the large one you harvested last year was a dessert in itself!

    Your lettuce and cabbage looks great too...good luck fending off the cabbage moth...looks like you're winning on that front!

    I love broad bean flowers; they remind me of bumble bees. And...hope you can keep naughty children at bay...I wouldn't like that one bit either.

  9. sounds like a lot of growth in a small space! Everything looks like it is thriving to me! Hope the neighbor's children don't demolish it!

  10. I love wild strawberries, they are among my favourite food, a childhood memory. Your garden is looking good! Golly I miss mine!!!!


  11. Wow everything is growing so well. ggrr to those little boys, I have 3 kiddies but I would give them a stern telling off it they even contemplated going into next doors garden without their permission!

  12. I have a few in my garden too! Great! :)

  13. Everything growing in your tiny plot looks fantastic!! I bet those strawberries will be absolutely delicious!
    The lady and I are going strawberry picking over the weekend (weather permitting). I suspect there will be fresh strawberry jam in my future!

  14. those wild strawberries look great

  15. Kiran - I got your message. Thank you.

    Thank you Some Chilean Woman.
    YOu should grow some, even if its just in pots.

    Thank you Little Messy Missy.
    I have a lot more to show, but thought I would do it slowly.
    I'm sorry to read that your strawberries have not fruited. You may just need to replenish /replace them.

    Thank you so, so much Funkbunny.
    Yes, fruit and veggies can be grown in small spaces, butr I'm greedy and want more space so I can grow (and eat) more. Strange, the boys are so rowdy and nosy when in the garden, but when they are in their house/the flat below us., we barely hear a sound. Ideal really.

    Thanks Eve.
    I certainly am using every bit of space I can; and yeah children will be children. I don't think they are that interested in my vegetables, they just liking poking around a bit.

    Thank you Carissa.
    Yeah, the birds will eat your berries if they are shining loud and red.
    When I had an allotment with redcurrants, a whole bed of strawberries I would cover them with neeting when they were beginnign to ripen. In the garden I have a nubmer of outlets for the birds to feast (bird table, bird feeders and hanging fat balls), so far they have not touched my berries. It may serve as a distraction, it has certainly worked for me (sor far). Do give it a whirl :)

    Thank you So much Barbara.
    Yes they are potatoes in the flower pots. Anotehr month before I can harvest them.

    Thank you Foodessa.
    Now that you have settled into your new space, perhaps you will find a community garden near by. Its nice to get some fresh goodies from family and friends too.

    Thanks Rose.
    The strawberries color is still changing, not ripe to eat yet though. Yes, I agree last years berries were desserts in themselves, esp, the one I showcased!

    So far it appears I have been lucky fending off the white cabbage butterfly as we can them in the U.K, but tomorrow I will be inspecting the plants a little closely. You just never know.

    The naughty children aren't that bad really, I just wind myself up sometimes as I am quite precious about my little space now.

    Thank you Darlene..
    I'm confident the neighbours children won't demolish them, they are naughty, but not that naughty - thankfully.

    Thanks Alessandra.
    You must really be Missing Your garden !!! I know I would be.

    Thanks Scented Sweetpeas.
    The boys are generally okay, but like children encounter peer pressure and are dared to do this and do that inc. trespassing. If it does get out of hand, I will be letting them know sternly as well as the parents, but its under control at the moment, other than the fencing which is a lost cause.

    Thanks Vic.
    I'll come on over in a while.

    Thank you so much Fred.
    I am still waiting for them to ripen. I did have one yesterday and it just wasn't ripe enough.

    I hop you and your lady get to enjoy a good weather so that you can pick strawberries over the weekend. Like you, I have no doubt there will be fresh strawberry jam in your cupboards soon! I should check out where I can pick some strawberries too, so that i too can make some jam!

  16. I have all of one strawberry plant, we have one ripe berry till know which was eaten by my neighbours daughter. 2 more ripening..but we will go picking this weekend and get some yummy ones. Ur garden looks wonderful. I have a bigger plot this year so lots of things growing.

  17. Thank you Damo.

    Oh B.
    How unfortunate that the neighbours daughter got to enjoy the strawberry. You must have been annoyed, I know I would have been. YOu say you got 2 more ripening, I hope you get to them before the birds. But at least you got plan 2 - Strawberry picking yourself is a good idea. I think I need to do that too.

  18. Oh, I love wild strawberries! they taste so different to the regulars ones :)


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