Thursday, 24 June 2010

Courgette Potato cakes and an experiment with a pepper

I know, I know what some of you are thinking - yesterday it was potato wedges and today its potato cakes!

Is this girl a potato head?!

If you think I'm mad about potatoes, you haven't met my nephew.
Anyway, once you've cut through the crisp, golden outside and into the soft mash, you discover the grated green courgette aka zucchini. The real vegetable on the plate. I enjoyed eating these, but I think if I was to make them again, I would add some crumbled feta cheese the mixture, as I think the courgette flavours were too subtle.
Here is the experiment that came about when Gardeningbren commented on my Stuffed peppers with brown rice. Gardeningbren wrote that she saw 'a recipe using the (cross) rings of peppers...and you put in the fry pan..crack an egg in the middle/center..cook and do a turn over and serve. Well of course I had to try it especially as I had a couple of peppers still in the fridge. I was impressed with my first attempt espcially with the flipping over. The green pepper was not bitter at all, however, I do think it may have benefited from a 'little parmesan...and maybe....some herb' as Gardeningbren suggested or maybe some homemade tomato sauce. So credit for this recipe must go to her not me. If you have not had a chance to see her blog, please do go by Gardeningbren in Nova Scotia, I know she will be most welcoming.
Courgette aka zucchini potato cakes
Makes 8
2 medium courgettes, grated
500g mashed potatoes
salt and pepper to taste
1 tablespoon minced parsley
egg and breadcrumbs to coat
Vegetable oil to lightly fry
Mix all the ingredients, except for the egg, breadcrumbs and oil. Shape into potato cakes. Coat the cakes in egg and breadcrumbs. then fry in hot oil until each side is light and golden.


  1. This little meal looks super good and super cute!

  2. OH blush)))) you were dear and kind to mention me...thank you! and so it worked!! and it did flip over beautifully! ... I still haven't tried it, but it looks lovely plated and yes..ahem...a little Parmesan and fresh herb dusting and maybe even try a red pepper.."sweet" as Jamie O would say)))..

    The golden potato pancakes are cooked to perfection! Good idea re the feta to just "liven it". I love goat cheese.

    Photos are beautiful as they always are.

  3. Those potato things look great! I love potatos as well. In my family, whenver potato salad or mashed potatos is getting old in the fridge, we fry it up. I love the egg idea, your plate looks like a fancy breakfast.

  4. Hi, I am most definately going to try out those potatoe cakes, I'll try it with the added feta, they look lovely. By the way you have won a butterfly for your cure song, caterpillar,I like the connection (and also The Cure). Thanks for looking in and glad I've found your blog. Email me and let me know your address.

  5. These cakes look satisfyingly scrumptious! :)

  6. Thank you Hannah!

    Your so welcome. This is one thing I love about fellow blogger interactions, the ideas were share and the encouragement to try.

    You must give it a go..ahem...with a little Parmesan and fresh herb.

    Yes some salt feta in the potato cakes would surely 'liven it'.

    Re the phot's, if you look back at the start of my blog, you will see how I have progressed with the photos. It is a learning curve. Plus the camera given to me and my husband for our wedding has been a real bonus.

    Thank you Carissa.
    Fried potaotes - yum yum - great for a brunch.

    Thank you so much Mandy.
    I hope you enjoy them with the added feta.

    And thank you so much for notifying me of my butterfly win. I'm glad you liked the connection - I do try to 'think outside of the box'. Will be in touch via e mail.
    Thank you once again.

    Thank you Jennifer.

  7. Yummy...looks delicious. I am going to give it a try. Have a great weekend! :)

  8. I'm just waiting for the zucchini basket from my in-laws...and these potato cakes are getting made;o)
    Thanks for such a simple and yet flavourful recipe.
    Ciao for now, Claudia

  9. wow you have been eating potatoes a lot - but they are so versatile as you show so well - and these patties look great - the courgette would add a touch of lightness.

    I love your egg rings - so creative and colourful - if only I ate fried eggs - but I will be trying to convince others in my house to try them just so I can have the fun of making the

  10. I haven't had much time to mosey about blogland lately, and thus have fallen behind your posts. Tonight as I've read, you have my mouth watering as always! I can't wait to make the eggs in peppers for my son; he is a pepper enthusiast, and I know he is going to get such a kick out of seeing his eggs made like this. And then I will make the potato cakes - for me! ;)

  11. Your so welcome Cluadia.
    I am so envious of your basket from your in-laws. What a wonderful gesture.

    Yeah i'm guilty of eating too many potatoes recently, but as you've backed me up - they are just so versatile.

    I'm glad you like the idea of the eggs fried in the pepper rings.

    So lovely to hear from you. And as always Thank you so much for your lovely comment.

    When you make the peppers, the trick is to ensure the peppers when cooking are stuck to the pan whilst cooking, if you don't get that part wrong, I am afraid the egg liquid will ooze out too much. I had a little problem, but not too much. I Hope you son likes it when you make it for him and your the courgette cakes.

  12. These potato & zucchini cakes look lovely & I so love the egg fried into a pepper ring!! Yeah,...awesome too!

  13. I just love those pepper slices with egg, ingenius. They just look fab and you have also solved a dilemma for me. I was going to make a version of potato cakes and wasn't sure if they would hold together well. Bingo! I have my answer. Use mash. Ta da! xx

  14. Thank you so much Sophie.

    I am so pleased you like the eggs in pepper Jacqueline.

    I make potato cakes a lot without eggs to bind. As long as you make mash with good floury potatoes (I use Maris piper) it works. Well has done for me.

  15. Those potato cakes look scrumptious, love your blog,

  16. Thank you so, So Much Millie D.

  17. Ok Mango, you did it again, YUM!!!! This meal looks amazing!

  18. Courgette potato cakes are looking very crispy and delicious.

  19. what a brilliant idea to use pepper rings as fried egg containers.
    We'll all be glad of this recipe when courgettes start multiplying :o)

  20. Thank you so much Nic.
    Its so lovely to hear from you.
    Yes - I'm waiting for the courgettes to start coming and they will!


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