Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Bite the watermelon

Funny, when I was in Cyprus a couple of weeks ago, I saw watermelons piled up high on the back of trucks and cherries sold by elderly Cypriot men taking shade under a tree. Both these fruits were being sold everywhere, but did I take the opportunity to enjoy any of these there. No of course not. So now that I am back home, why oh why do I want a bite of the watermelon and taste a cherry or two - its not like the sun is shining either!


  1. Cherries are just coming into season here in the US. I have eaten my first batch and they are good....

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I hope you will visit again soon. You have a nice space here :)

  2. You should have taken an extra suitcase to stock up :-)

  3. I know the feeling - go on, treat yourself and remember your holiday

  4. Have you tried looking in any Middle Eastern shops? The ones near to me have huge wooden crates outside, about the same size as your photo, for sale. Far cheaper than a supermarket - Yum!

  5. I really could live on watermelon! ANd I pretty much do in the summer!

  6. Yes, it really feels like summer is here

    ...cherries and watermelons...it reminds me many summers ago, when as a student I got a job picking cherries. After two weeks I was complaining I couldn't feel my arms anymore. And a friend of mine looked at me in disbelief...his summer job had been to pick watermelons!

  7. Because we always want what we can't have!
    I'm praying for sun, so we can all enjoy summer fruits. Am SO OVER the endlessly bad British summer weather!

  8. Thank you for coming by Biren.

    Mmmm now thats an idea Scented Sweetpeas.

    I just might have to treat myself Lottie.

    Ruth your right.
    Middle eastern and specialist 'ethnic' shops do tend to have vast amounts of such fruit. I shall have to check some out this weekend.

    Live on watermelon - Morgan, you do surprise me.

    Picking cherries. Declious. I bet you ate as you picked. I don't think I can see myself picking watermelons. They are just so huge.

    The weather is so changeable.

  9. you didn't need watermelon to make it feel like summer in cyprus

  10. Johanna - Your right, yet again.


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