Thursday, 5 January 2017

Apple Crump Scrump Slice

Last year when I was given a bag full of foraged apples by the neighbours, I made lots of tasty sweet things.  
Devon Apple Cake which was absolutely delicious.  D loved it more than me, for him it was a proper cake made with eggs and butter. 
Then there was Apple Snow Crumble which we had with cream and then custard, then came Johanna's Apple Slices.  

I've had Johanna's Apple Slice bookmarked ever since I saw it. Not only did it sound sumptuous, the recipe was even simpler.  But there was something about it that reminded me of a recipe called Apple Crump that I used to make all the time when I lived in Glasgow with the windfall apples from my small back garden.  I never blogged about it because it was not the prettiest to photograph, but it was one of the most easiest and most delicious apple dessert recipes I had ever had, of course I regret now not blogging  and sharing it, something so delicious worthy of recognition should not have been kept hush hush.  
The original recipe for Apple Crump recipe was showcased by a contestant called Janet Jones on Britain's Best Dish.  Even though the recipe was super simple, I had safely tucked away the scribbles of the Apple Crump recipe in the breadmaker instructions booklet, but in between moving to Wales from Scotland, it has been lost.  I was really gutted.  I could not find the recipe on the internet either.  I found this very strange as after appearing on Britain's Best Dish, the Apple Scrump recipe was very popular with lots of foodies raving about it. The only reference on the Internet that I could find to the Apple Crump recipe was on a cooking forum.  I have written the recipe below full credit to Janet Jones for those of you like me who loved it.  
Although Johanna's Apple Slice reminded me of the Apple Crump, its very different in more ways than one, but lets not compare and agree they are both delicious in their own ways. 

The Apple Slice was everything I had imagined, it was delicious, even D thought so.  We enjoyed it so much that we have had it twice last year and I know we will have it again come the apple season in the UK. 

Johanna through her blog Green Gourmet Giraffe: A Vegetarian in Melbourne continues to inspire me.  I don't want to gush, but she is truly exceptional. I think I may have cooked more recipes from her food blog than any other and have no doubt that I will continue to do so. Johanna will be celebrating 10 years in blogosphere and her blog has remained humble, down to earth and honest and I love it. Please do pay her a visit if you are not familiar with her at Green Gourmet Giraffe.

Janet Jones Apple Crump 
100g butter,
100g caster sugar
4 generous heaped tablespoons plain flour
450g cooking apples, peeled and roughly chopped
Place the flour into an ovenproof bowl and then add the sugar and butter.
Transfer the bowl to the oven for 10 - 15 minutes until the butter has melted.
Transfer the chopped apples into another ovenproof dish and place in oven for 5 - 10 minutes.
Remove the crump mixture from the oven and stir to combine, then carefully pour over the mixture.
Bake in oven for 40 minutes
OR The way I started to make it.
I would put the apples in the oven to soften, whilst this was happening.
In a medium pan, I would melt the sugar and butter, turn off the heat and then quickly stir in the flour and immediately pour it over the softening apples.  
(Sometimes I would not even soften the apples, being cooking apples they just collapsed under the heat). 
Return to oven and bake for 40 minutes.  
Serve warm,  Scoop out and serve in bowls with cream or custard.

Apple Slice 

From Green Gourmet Giraffe via The Life of Clare
2 cups self raising flour/320g
1 cup caster sugar220g
3 cooking apples, peeled, cored and diced roughly
125g butter
1 free range egg
For method follow this link that will take you to the recipe


  1. Well Apple Crump definitely wins hands down if you are comparing names (my mum makes an apple slice that is quite different the one I make so I have never found the name satisfactory). But I am glad you enjoyed the apple slice. I made it last year and found it really sweet which is weird as I didn't when I made it before and wonder if it was the apples or my measurements. And thank you for your kind words - it is the generosity and kindness of bloggers like yourself that makes me still love blogging after all these years! It has been a pleasure knowing you in the blogosphere and I still hope we can meet up one day!

    1. Thank you Johanna x
      I truly can gush more, but i think you know and I genuinely mean it from the bottom of my heart and stomach :)
      Yes, lets 'hope' we can meet up one day....

  2. I love all things apple and love the funny name of this slice! It looks and sounds delicious.


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