Saturday, 19 March 2016

Coal Mining Mosaic at Crumlin, South Wales

About a year or so back, D and myself made a U-Turn when we caught a glimmer of radiant colours from the road.  We parked up and discovered this Coal Mining Mosaic in a little place called Crumlin in South Wales.  We took loads of photographs on the day and then went off on our merry way.
Crumlin Mosaic
Recently, on our way somewhere or other, we decided to park up and check the Coal Mining Mosaic again.  Sadly I noted parts of it were vandalised.  Some of the mosaic tiles had been pulled out deliberately and therefore damaged and destroyed.  I though I would share some of the photographs we had taken a year or so ago.   
Crumlin Mosaic
The mosaic depicts aspects of the mining industry.  Mining was one of the town's main industries. 
Crumlin Mosaic
Close up the details are fantastic and cover most aspects of mining

Here is a link if you wish to learn more about Crumlin's viaduct.  Many of the historical photographs are quite breathtaking too.  Click here.
Its a shame this part of local history is not taught, only passed on by generations that were part of its heritage. If anyone can tell me more about the mosaic, I'd love to hear from you. 


  1. Such beautiful mosaic...i'd love to know more about (too) ;-)

    1. Yes, I think so too - wish I knew more about it though to share.


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