Sunday, 20 March 2016

Black Eyed Peas, Red Pepper and Squash Stew with Preserved Lemons

Yes, I share with you another stew of sorts.  Though I have to admit this is a much lighter stew compared to those features a couple of weeks back. I guess its a sign that Spring is here.  
Contrary though, the ingredients are not spring like at all, mostly autumnal.  Squashes, sweet potatoes and red and yellow peppers have been featuring quite a bit on my plate recently, I think its the colours that shout and make me feel all warm and humble.   Or maybe its accidental, as I want a change from the drudge brown-beige and greens.  

I normally squeeze some fresh lemon juice when eating dishes made with black eyed peas.  Its something my mother taught me as it enhances the dish and I love it.  This time I decided to add slithers of home-made preserved lemons to the dish instead to infuse the nutty black eyed beans. The black eyed peas certainly did take on the zing from the preserved lemons that had almost deteriorated in the pot. 
I am sharing this with  I am sharing this with Farmers Girl  Kitchen and Baking Queen 74 for March Slow Cooked Challenge. The theme is Oranges and Lemons; and Sunday Fitness and Food Fitness hosted by Angela at Marathons and Motivation.and Ilka's Blog.   

Black-eyed Bean and Squash Stew with Preserved Lemon
Serves 4
160g raw black eyed peas, soaked overnight then cooked the following day until tender.  Drain and set aside or use 1 x 400g canned beans, drained and rinsed.

4 tablespoons oil
1 teaspoon cumin seeds
1 teaspoon black mustard seeds
1 large onion, peeled and finely sliced
2 cloves garlic, crushed
1 teaspoon chilli flakes
1 tablespoon Madras Curry powder
1 medium butternut squash, peeled and chopped into small bite size cubes.  
1 red pepper, cored and sliced into slithers
1 preserved lemon, sliced thinly
800ml vegetable stock
8 cherry tomatoes, sliced in half
Salt and pepper to taste
Handful of coriander leaves, roughly chopped
Heat the oil in a wide pan, then stir in the cumin and mustard seeds until they begin to pop, stir int he onion and cook until soft, then stir in the garlic and the other spices and cook for a few minutes for the flavours to mingle.  
Toss in the squash and stir to coat in the spicy oniony for a few minutes, before stirring in the peppers, cooked beans, lemon, cherry tomatoes and stock.  
Bring to a boil and allow to cook for 15 - 20 minutes or until the squash is soft.  
Season to taste and stir the coriander into the dish, before serving.
This is one of those dishes that is best the following day, but its up to you when you wish to tuck in.  


  1. That does look like a much more Spring like stew. It's been such a beautiful weekend, this would be perfect after a busy day in the garden. Thanks for joining us for The Slow Cooked Challenge.

  2. I love Black-eyed peas and this sounds delicious! I am looking forward to trying it, Pinned :-) Thank you for joining the Sunday Fitness & Food Link-Up!!

  3. I'm quite new to preserved lemons and like your use of them here. It might be autumnal in ingredients but I think I'd like it to match the bright spring weather we're having this week :-)

    1. Thank you Kari. I hope you find ways to eat preserved lemon, other than traditional Morrocan dishes.

  4. It does look very Spring and the weather here is so bad we are still making soups and stews. Sounds really nice. :) #slowcookedchallenge


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