Sunday, 20 March 2016

Cardiff Indoor Antique and Flea Market

A few weeks ago, instead of going into the City of Cardiff for a day out, we decided to track down its Indoor Flea Market.  
After a couple of wrong turns on the industrial estate, we found it.  Under its massive roofed building the market hosts over 60 eclectic stores.  Each stall is unique, selling goods ranging from antiques, retro, recycled, second hand, upcycled, and vintage goods.  Here are a selection of some the wierd and wonderful that caught my eye.

Ah I recognise of of the ceramics here.  I have many of them at home and could have easily picked up some more from her, but I resisted. 
I purchased a rather handsome German impractical jug-vase from this stall and a walking stick for hill-walking the forest behind our home.  Funnily enough whilst I was looking for links to the market, I spotted the German jug - vase that I purchased in THIS article, its in the corner on the very top shelf. See if you can spot it. I will showcase it to my readers in the very near future.
What a handsome puppet lion. 
I think you could find yourself lost here for hours.  It made for a god day out. 
Find a link to the Cardiff Indoor Antique and Flea Markets website here and Facebook here.


  1. That looks like a great market to spend a few hours. We're there any veggie refreshments there?

    1. It does have a small cafe in there, where of course you can get tea, coffee and cake, but for veggie eats - not sure, maybe your standard cheese roll.

  2. Plenty of treasures in this flea market reminds me that I have to post about my shopping at Caritas... I really enjoy mixing styles (old, new, second hand, recycled)

    1. Thank you, Look forward to seeing your Caritas post

    2. You are kind...maybe in May ;-)


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