Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Garden Going Green

Bit more progress on the garden front.

Since finishing the weeding, all we've done in the garden is build some wigwams and climbing frames for legumes and sweet peas. 
Everything else is flourishing lush and green; and why not - there has been plenty of rain and shine, albeit on and off. 
Here are some raspberry  bushes and dotted around it are strawberries.
 Here's the interesting thing, its still only April, well just - and I have strawberry flowers coming up.  Does anyone else have strawberry flowers?
Okay that the groundwork, here in pots the potatoes are doing pretty good too.  We have thrown some more soil into the pot to top it off.
 In the greenhouse, some lettuces, 
Peas (and broad beans - not shown) in pots screaming to be put into the ground, they may just get their wish on Sunday.
I tend to start of my beetroot in the greenhouse and then transplant them to the ground.  I don't know if this is the right thing to do, but I haven't had much problems in the past, other than they are quite small to medium roots.  What do you think?
Its not all been good in the greenhouse, we have had slug problems, but we think that has been addressed now.  We didn't have shelving in the greenhouse, so a lot of the seedlings were set on the ground, I know we are asking for trouble.  Anyway, at the weekend we picked up some of those three tier PVC greenhouse with mesh shelving (as well as Growing Success Slug Killer).  that should resolve the issue.  
Click on the above image and you will see a dead snail belly up.  I never said I was an angel.  


  1. Hi,
    Yes, I have loads of strawberry flowers and fruit starting to form too and I am worried because a frost is predicted for Friday and Saturday. I shall have to use my fleeces and hope for the best, I think.
    J x

    1. I feel a bit better now, knowing I am not on my own - but yes, like you I am worried about the predicted frost and thunder!

  2. It's looking great, not long until your first harvests. I'm hoping to plant my beans out this weekend too.

    1. Thank you Joanne. we are progressing little by little,
      Hopefully we'll both have planted out our beans out this w/e, in my case Sunday, otherwise Bank Holiday.

  3. Why is the little Teddy Bear rubbing his belly? Is it because he has eaten too many slugs?

    1. You know how to make me chuckle Mark. Thank you.
      Just look at his googly eyes looking in direction of the slugs too.


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