Friday, 21 January 2011

For Burns Night or Day

If you are living in Scotland or have Scots ancestry, I am sure that celebrating Burns Night will be on your mind.

So here are a few non-traditional Scottish or Burns Night night inspired recipes that may tempt you. Some are made with the vegetarian haggis such as this:
Mushroom haggis pakoras with curried neep chips, haggis samosa and
Haggis pakora bites. The haggis bites were excellent as light nibbles.
Some recipes with neeps and tatties such as this Garam masala Swede Filo pie,
Swede neep soup,
and Garam masala Swede cakes,
These Clapshot Haggis Tikkia were very moreish. Its a shame here in the photograph that they have burst, as I had left them in the oven too long to stay warm. Great disguised in pitta bread though.
Home-made Vegan Tower of Haggis, neeps and tatties
If these don't excite you, I do have some traditional Burns Night fare too.


  1. I have had haggis pakora a few times - the first time at Mr Singh's at Charing Cross in Glasgow - love it so much - haggis and pakora are perfect companions!
    We will be being very boring and unadventurous and just having the plain haggis, neeps and tatties next week. But, hey, we love it that way.
    Thanks for your recipes.

  2. wow...amazing dishes...feel like having all these delicious dishes now...yum yum yum! your clicks and presentation is making me hungry...

  3. So cool! Burns Night sounds like a lot of fun!

  4. oh my goodness you make and photo the most delicious looking food!

  5. Going to try some of these recipes even though as a kid I didn't like rutabaga!

  6. Great proposals.
    Have a lovely weekend ♥

  7. Some fabulous ideas here! I am especially intrigued by the mushroom haggis pakoras. I am sad I am missing out on Burns Night this year but will eat extra haggis next year to make up for it!

  8. thanks for visiting my blog, really honored to have u, u're the first Scottish I know! Thank you for sharing your Burns Night recipes with us :)

  9. Thanks Lou.
    So pleased you can vouch for the tasty-ness of the haggis pakora!
    Hay, nothing wrong at all in keeping it plain and simple. Sometimes that is the best way.

    Thank you so much Soumya.

    Thanks Lela.
    I've only participated in homely ones, not organised events.

    Thanks you Siân.
    I try (I'm blushing a little here.

  10. Thanks Theanne.
    Swede aka rutabaga never featured in my childhood days, so i guess that is the rason I am making the most of it now, cooked with flavours i like! Hope you discover that you actually like it now :)

    Thank you Ana Powell.
    You have a lovely weekend
    My intention is to have a lazy few days ♥

    Thank you Hazel.
    Hey don't worry St Andrews day will be next, so you may not have to wait for the Bruns NIght next time round for haggis!

    Thank you so so much Jean.
    I am so pleased that you were delighted with my visit, but sadly I am not a Scots. Scotland is my home, but not my birthplace. However i have been given a title by Scotls friends and bloggers of an 'honourary Scot' so I hope that counts for something:)

  11. Hi mangocheeks,

    Flicking through some of your recipes, I have to say you are a food genius. The variety and innovation are amazing.


  12. Thank you Moyra.
    Food genuis eh :) I just like to think I am finding ways to make vegetables and vegetable based cuisine more appealing and this sometimes means being creative with ingredients. Thank you though, really appreciated the compliment.

  13. I love everything! Wish I was in Scotland to taste all this.
    Have a nice w.e.

  14. Thank you spécialiste de l'éphémère.

  15. oohh they look lovely. I am trying to eat more vegetarian food so will have to have a rummage in your blog for some more recipes I think :-) I gave you mention on my blog recently by the way as I got the almond oil you recommended, can't wait to try it out on my hair :-) x

  16. Everything looks amazing - particularly the curried neep chips!

  17. Thanks Scented Sweetpeas.
    Enjoy browsing through the veggie recipes. I hope find something to make. :-)

    The last i remember of your hair is that is is much longer than mine. So my recommendation is start with abotu 1/2 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon in the palm of your hand then gently massage with both palms before running your hands through your hair, start from the front to the end. Finish off rubbing your palms though the ends of your hair. I hope it works for you. One drawback with almond oil is obviously its oiliness if your a contact wearer, which I am when I am not wearing my specs - party nights. So you have to pop them in first before doing your hair :)
    Hope it works for you, you may find it does or maybe not, but its worth trying. There was an American product I used once upon a time, but its no point recommending that as you cannot get it in the U.k, which annoyed me as I don't have much of a beauty regime as it is.

    Thank you so much Holly Springett.

  18. Hello!!!!!!! This post has WAy too many delicious things on it and I am STARVING! THe top few pictures especially stand out!

  19. Thank you so much Morgan.
    Its always lovely to hear from you.

  20. Your samosas look wonderful. What a great way to use haggis. I have some in the fridge, but I think I will do something quite plain with it, maybe a shepherds pie. Make some gravy for the haggis and then layer it with mashed turnip and mashed potato.

  21. Thank you Jacqueline.
    I do like the idea of your Shepherds Pie. Fantastic.

  22. I have tried to celebrate Burns Night myself with a simple dinner. Your recipes look amazing though! My mum and dads families are both of scottish decent and I am excited to celebrate this more, perhaps full blown celebrations with singing next year x

  23. Thanks Vegetarian Girl.
    When I first moved to Scotland that is how I enjoyed Burns Night with a MacSween Veggie Haggis. But as the years went by, I got more adventurous.

    PS I hope you enjoyed your Burns Supper!


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