Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Robert Burns Birthplace

This evening many people with Scots heritage will be tucking into a Burns Night Supper. As I've already suggested some edible offerings for the day, I thought today I would share some photographs with you of Robert Burns birthplace.

We briefly visited The Burns Cottage last year. Unfortunately we were not able to get a photograph of the auld cleg biggin - cottage from the outside, as too many cars were passing by. Instead here are some photographs of what's inside. You will have to click on the pictures if you wish to read the words more clearly. Enjoy your evening, whether or not your Celebrating Burns Night.

Give me the child until he is seven and I will show you the man


  1. Amazing - the stuff I dream of.

    Nightmares, however, consist of the child in my class last year that was determined to recite "To a Mouse" not taking into account that they would need to drop their red neck American southern country boy accent to acheive the Scottish inflections.

    I didn't know if I should laugh or drown myself in the water fountain. Instead, I had the drama coach help me with him...not much luck, I'm afraid.

  2. Hope all had a Happy Burns night...muddy=gumlie and to bellow=rowt...I like it! To say something is "gumlie" sounds so much more interesting than muddy and to say I think I'll have a wee little "rowt" is lovely, of course I don't think the g'kids would get it. But maybe next time they wouldn't get "gumlie" and if I hollered I'm going "ROWT" they'd listen...LOL Loved your post!

  3. so so lovely, thank you for sharing your world time and again!

  4. lovely to see a burns night post because I totally forgot about it yesterday - it is just too much with all the birthdays and Australia day that happen around it - maybe one year we will manager to celebrate it - hope you had a good one

  5. Oh Ribbit.
    So lovely to hear from you. Firstly Happy New Year to you if I haven't already wished you it.

    Secondly, oh your so funny. I really wanted a good laugh out and you allowed me to. I've been in Scotland now for over 10 years and would never dare a Scots accents.

    Thank you so much Theanne.
    Your comment to make me giggle and smile with big teeth.

    I agree "gumlie" sounds so much more interesting than muddy, but the truth is I have never heard anyone here ever use it.

  6. Thank you so much EcoGrrl.

    Thanks Johanna GGG.
    I had this post planned well in advance, shaeme though I didn't write very much, but i hope the images spoke for themselves.

    Hey I understand life gets in the way to celebrate worldly events. Just hope you've been enjoying those birthday parties.

    Thank you donkey and the carrot.

  7. Thank you so much for that post! I loved the photos. Before getting hitched to the other half I was a Burns. Doubt I'm any relation though, my lot are from the east coast of Scotland but you never know!

  8. Your so welcome Fiona.
    Thank you for your comment made me chuckle.

  9. There's something so emotive about those little nighties without their owners.....thanks for sharing this.....and hope you had a great evening....

  10. Very interesting! is so cool getting to know so many other cultures

  11. So cool place! I'd love to visit it!

  12. Thanks debby emadian.
    I agree. I think the photograph of the nighties is more effective.

    Thank you so, so much fer.

    Thank Lela.

  13. I spent Burns night at a Chinese restaurant! A farewell from my colleagues for the past 12 months. Coming up to bonnie Scotland on Sunday to Kinloch Rannoch and really looking forward to the scenery and solitude

  14. Jane,
    Would you believe me if i told you I have only ever visited a Chinese Restaurant twice in my life. Not because I have an aversion, I just don't eat out very much. We have some guests coming to ours for the weekend, so there is a possibility we may actually go out to eat!

    'A farewell from colleagues for the past 12 months'. Are you still in employment? I' hope I am not reading too much into your work situation.

    The weather in Bonnie Scotland has been fair the past week, not a speck of rain. Fingers crossed it stays that way for you, but I guess what really matters is the scenery and the solitude. Enjoy your time x

  15. Mangocheeks don't panic! I have been on a secondment from my permanent NHS Trust management post to another NHS Trust 25 miles away for a year - very steep learning curve but made some genuine friends and colleagues and will miss them and their hard work so all change again !
    Like you say fingers crossed for the weather:)

  16. Oh Jane,
    I'm really so pleased to read that :)
    Take care.


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