Thursday, 27 January 2011

A little music tonight

Sorry no cooking...

Instead I have some music to share with you. I was looking at my Music CD rack earlier and noted that I had only purchased two music albums last year: 'Mumford and Sons' and 'Stornaway'. So I thought instead of plate of food, I'd share two songs I really like from each album. I hope you like them enough to go out and buy the albums, that is of course if you don't already have them.

Despite the Bands name 'Stornaway', which is taken from a town in the Isle of Lewis, Scotland, there is nothing Scottish about them at all.


  1. I love that Mumford and sons album. I play it all the time!

  2. What?! No cooking? Are you ill? Ha ha. I love Mumford & Sons, I often ask my husband to get a new wardrobe so he can look like them. Call me shallow, but I love how they dress.

  3. Thanks for those Mangocheeks I like them too, in fact it was one of your previous posts that put me onto Stornaway.
    Have you listened to Rumer? They supported Jools Holland on his recent tour and they were sooooo good
    Cheers Jane

  4. Oh spot on taste MC! Isn't it funny that you can go halfway around the world and share the same music as others... I feel all warm and fuzzy now, great post :)

  5. Immaculate choices, of course. Very good for playing whilst cooking too. I try to resist singing along unless alone.

  6. Wow...Can you tell more about these ? I'd never heard of either. I hope things are going well for you.

  7. I saw Stornaway on Jules Holland last year but havent heard them since. Nice to listen to while Im working. I dont think I brought any music last year!! I really need to get onto using the itunes voucher my husband gave me for xmas :)

  8. I love Stornaway. They were the highlight of the bands we saw at the Wychwood Music Festival in 2009. G did an interview with them - very clever guys, marine biologists mostly!
    Great choice of track, thanks for sharing :o)

  9. I don't think I'll ever get bored of little lion man.

  10. a refreshing entry from the usual foods we post :)

  11. Nice to see a bit of music on your blog :-) I couldn't watch the first vid for too long as it made me feel sick with all the spinning around :-)

  12. Enjoyed both...thanks for sharing!

  13. Hi ! Thanks for the comments :)
    you have a nice blog too.
    i´m already a follower !
    see ya

  14. Thank you for the introduction! I hadn't heard either of these bands before but then I don't buy CD's, I leave that to my OH, and I don't watch TV.

  15. Thanks Funkbunny.
    So do I, especially when cooking the kitchen.

    Hi Some Chilean Woman.
    Yeph, sadly things here are gettign a bit hectic :( Thankfully, I am not unwell though, just feeling a little down.

    Thanks Jane.
    Yes, I have mentioned them in a previous post.
    So pleased to read you checked them out!

    No I have not heard of Rumer. So will do some You tubing this weekend to check them out.

    Oh Thank you Ali.
    So delighted to read that we share soem musical tastes. Who knows even much more :)

    Thank you Phil.
    I don't sing unless alone too!

    Hi e.
    Thanks for asking, things are a bit up in the air with my work status. But I will write more about that some other time. Re the bands, you should be able to google both on-line. Sadly I don't know very much about either, except that i like the music.

    Thanks Siân.
    Wow, surprising to read that you didn't buy any music last year, but now you have a reason too, you must spend those itunes vouchers now, so no excuses :)

  16. Lovely to hear from you Nic.
    I remember you saying that your husband played music, was in a band but didn't realise he interviewed Up coming stars too, that is pretty cool.

    Thank you so much little t.
    I so agree, I too don't think I'll ever get bored of 'little lion man'.

    Thank you Jean.
    Are you encouraging me to post some more of my musical tastes? Ah very tempting :)

    Thank you Scented Sweetpeas.
    So good to get some encouragement.

    Thank you so much Theanne!

    Thank you so, so much Juliana.
    I really appreciate that you have liked my blog enough and have chosen to become a follower. Its so kind of you.

    You are so welcome Fiona.
    I totally understand why you may not watch TV, it is rather disappointing these days, even the music channels. So I guess that is whey its best to go and pick music CDs that you like.
    Thank you so much for your comment.

  17. Thanks for turning me on to Mumford & Sons. I played it for my wife and she said, "Yeah I know that song, it's good." Where the hell have I been? :)

    A comment I read on one of their YT videos says it best for me:

    "Just when I'm doubting the music that's 'popular' now I find someone like these guys who remind me of what iI love about music. raw, beautiful, emotion."

  18. Thank you so much WestChesterGarden.
    Really lovely to hear from you.
    I am so, so delighted that you liked Mumford and Sons. I don't listen much to music these days, a lot of nonsense about, but when a band/true artist comes along and sings with emotion that tugs at your heart, how can you not be moved.

    I also want to say Thank you so much for your support for my blog< i know you have been a follower for a long while, I do really appreciate it x

  19. Your blog is on my 'must read' RSS list. Your pictures are so wonderfully composed and always have such a warm feel to them. Many times I've wanted to reach through the screen with my fork for a little taste!! As always, KUDOS!

    In college I got into the Jam scene over here - which I know isn't for everyone - but the one band I think has consistently performed great music year after year is a band called 'moe.' from upstate New York. They have a very diverse sound as every band member sings and has their own style, so it's almost like 3 or 4 bands for the price of one!

    Here's a sample of some of their stuff which you may enjoy:


    Blue-eyed Son:

    And one of my favorites....
    Where Does the Time Go?:

  20. Thank you so so much WestChesterGarden X
    I promise I will check out all of your recommendations and let you know of the ones that call to me :) I have to admit, I have neot heard of any of these, so am actually looking forward to them.

    PS Got my nephew here and he has some awful taste in music. Fingers crossed his taste will mature in time.


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