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Brighton The Vegetarian and Vegan Capital of UK

I don't need to tell British vegetarian and vegans that Brighton was the vegetarian capital of the UK for many, many years.  An accolade it still deserves, even though other cities may come and try to steal the limelight - Brighton will always be the first to offer imaginative, original and  creative vegetarian and vegan cuisine to the masses. 

So you can imagine on my first trip to Brighton I was spoiled for choice of places to eat: The Loving Hut, V Bites, Beelzebab, The Cowley Club, The Green Kitchen and Hail Seitan to name a few .  There were so many that I wanted to eat at, but with the limited time we were there we chose to be selective in the evening and go to random eats during the day.  
The two places I really, really wanted to eat at were Terre a Terre and Food For Friends, Brighton's first vegetarian restaurant which opened its doors to diners in 1981.
So Why?! did I want to eat at these two places.  Simply because | was bestowed the cookbooks many years ago by my husband for my birthday. I have oggled and cooked some of the recipes  from them, but it was the two places I really wanted to eat at.  Its nice to have someone cook for me for a change.   I also chose these two places as they were not cafeteria and  canteen style food, nothing wrong with that, but its nice to be treated to proper restaurant style food made of lots of little fancy components, something that I do very rarely at home  - the food here would be more fine dining and this was after all a holiday. 
I don't do food reviews, so I will not be doing that, instead I will share with you share what we ate. The first night we went to Terre a Terre.
Apologies in advance for some of the food photographs, evening lighting in restaurants is not always conducive for food photography.

A la carte menu
The Terre a Tapas Sharing Platter which was made up of dishes from around the menu such as hot crispy fried lavash bread with dukkah dust served with smoked tomatoes, cornmeal arepas, sumac charred aubergines and salt lemon skordalia and much more that it was a total taste sensation.
I had the Arapas Mole Ole - Corn and cornmeal arepas with smoky poke mole and turtle bean cassoulet, covered with salty sheeps cheese, blistered seed and chilli coco mole, avocado hash, lime tequila cream finished with crunchy agave maple tamarind popcorn, fresh  and fancy tomatoes stepped in green chilli oregano mojo fniished with corn milk chlly jelly, coriander and mint leaves.  It was lovely and really filling, the only thing I don't recall munching was the tamarind popcorn.  A lot of this was also on the starter plate, so in hindsight I would have chosen the Sneaky Peeking Steamers! 
D had Cinders Will Go to the Ball  - Golden ash goats cheese souffle with pine cinders cooked in Grana Padano Charmer cream served with brown butter seared girolles mushrooms, vapour cooked chive parsley bay pickle potatoes, lemon oil spring bulbs, salt and sugar turmeric persimmon chutney, pink brassica juniper seasoned sauerkraut and sumac spud crackers.

We were way to full from the wine and starters, that we really did not have room in our bellies for dessert.  Here's the Terre e Terre  menu from the evening.
On our last night in Brighton we went to Food For Friends.

This was the Afternoon Tea and Summer Main Courses - very tempting. 
We skipped the main meal and went straight to dessert. 
Molten Chocolate Pudding with salted caramel sauce, truffles, vanilla ice-cream and lots of other components that were absolutely delightful. 

The food at both places:  Terre e Terre and Food for Friends was incredible. 

After having been to The Railway Hotel Vegetarian Boho Pub in Southend, Essex I really wanted to try The Prince George Vegetarian Pub in Brighton.  

We both had the Vegetarian Halloumi 'Fish' and Chunky Wedge chips with salad and mushy peas.  
During the day-time we just went with the flow and stopped and ate at whatever vegetarian eatery we stumbled upon when the hunger pangs kicked in.  
This was the Bombay Aloo - which served all you can eat buffet for £5.95.
On the plate, chickpea curry, dal, vegetable curry, carrot and cabbage curry.  There were also lots of pickles and chutneys, salads and deep fried snacks.
A fellow blogger had recommended Planet India and we passed it a couple of times but it was was closed and seemed to open up in the evening, so we never got round to eating there as we were mostly in the city centre, maybe next time. 
Our AirBnB host who was not vegetarian recommended that we check out Iydea which served canteen style food.  
Here's our plate from two angles served canteen style!  D and me shared this plate. 

 I picked up some savoury baked nibbles Infinity Food Kitchens and a dried fruit snack. 
One of my favourite eats in Brighton did not come from the vegetarian or vegan eateries, it was whilst wandering on the Brighton Pier we stopped and had a Tomato gazpacho was really really delicious and hit the spot on what was an extremely hot day. I wanted to run back over and get another!
Have you been to Brighton, where would you recommend I eat when I return?!
Loving Hut
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  1. All of those dishes look so good and are more imaginative vegetarian cuisine. I need to go to Brighton soon. I feel very hungry now..

  2. So many cool places to eat in Brighton! Everything you shared looks so delicious, especially those platters from Terre a Terre. I really want to go there now ;)

  3. Wow that all looks amazing - you are filling me with desire to go to Brighton - I hope all the food tasted as good as it looks!

  4. All that food looks divine...Thanks for sharing your adventures!

  5. I'm glad you got to eat at both places - I'm a big fan of both and you've just reminded me how long it's been since I went to either. I need to get back to Brighton!

  6. I also went to Food For Friends and Terre a Terre on my first trip to Brighton. It was my first time having vegan fine dining, and it was amazing! If you get back to Terre a Terre, try to leave room for dessert -the churros are exceptional!


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