Tuesday, 11 October 2016

A Walk Around Brighton's Museum & Art Gallery

After the Royal Pavilion, we went into Brighton's Museum & Art Gallery
Its been a while since I went to a museum and art gallery.  The last time was in Glasgows Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery and it was free to the public.  This one in Brighton cost us, but it included entry to the Royal Pavilion (click here if you missed my blog post).  
I wanted to share this post for another reason, October is Black History Month in the UK and some of the collections at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery were very though provoking and enlightening.
One of the many Black Brighton Pioneers - Sake Dean Mahomed (1759-1851).  Click here to read more about this inspiring figure. 
Sake Dean Mahomed is also dubbed to be the First Man of Curry, now that's an accolade or maybe not as he was the first to open an Indian restaurant in London.  He invented the term 'shampoo' and he was apparently the first Indian to write and publish a book in English.    

Carnival Costume: George and The Dragon gave me the heebie jeebies (shiver!)

Punch and Judy

One of the enthusiastic workers at the gallery called Martina shared with me the background to The Wax Print Debate _ Not African and Not Authentic.  It was extremely enlightening.  See Martina here for a five minute explanation around the debate

I am not a fashionista, but I did rather enjoyed and seeing the Fashion Cities Africa exhibition: Casablanca, Johannesburg, Lagos and Nairobi which explores diversity and its global influence from catwalk couture to street style.   
My favourite were  2ManySiblings in the Nairobi gallery as their contribution was very interesting and different in that they were not actually fashion designers and created their own style from second hand clothing and then using social media to raise awareness of their work.

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