Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Welcome to Bristol Graffit Art

More graffiti art from Bristol's street artists this time in and around the city centre. 

For more photographs from Stokes Croft Murals Part of Bristol Graffiti Art, follow the link and this one called Relentless Optimism.


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    1. Thank you Bridget. so lovely to hear from you x

  2. I've really enjoyed seeing the art Shaheen, it's amazing. When I think of cities near me, York and Leeds, I don't think there's anything like a tiny bit of that popped up. Makes you wonder if they have to apply for planning permission to paint up some of the tower blocks, most intriguing.
    I've been in Morrisons again today, looking at white aubergines and Sicilian aubergines! BFN, Sally x

    1. Thank you Sally. I have more photographs to share, and I am honestly only selecting a handful to post, there are so many and they change to often. I think because of Banksy Bristol has become known for its graffit art, it certainly brings the tourists in. I thought Portobello Market was manic, but Bristol can be just as busy too. yeah like you I wonder if they got permission to paint on the tower blocks, amazing many of them.

      I've not been to the supermarket recently, maybe tomorrow as we are running low on stuff in the house. Don't know if it will be Ms though, intrigued by your white aubergines, never tasted them.


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