Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Peach Doughnut and Date Crumble

My husband has a tendency to bring home fresh fruit always promising me that he will eat it or make a fruit salad for us both, but neither ever happens and I end up making something sweet with them, as was the case with some peach doughnuts he had brought home last week.  They were beginning to soften and bruise in places and in this humble abode, we do hate waste. 
Peach doughnuts are also known as Saturn peaches and flat peaches (see image below).   The first time I had a peach doughnut was in Edinburgh looking for the sunshine on Leith.   In recent years, they have become readily available.  I do find them far more sweeter and juicier than the round peach bum brand.   
Anyway these were roughly chopped for this Peach Doughnut and Date Crumble.   It was very different from the Ginger and Plum Crumble.  I found it was much sweeter in taste and had more texture.  
I'm entering this  to Fat Tuesday hosted by Jill at  Real Food Forager; and No Waste Food Challenge, which encourages us to use up leftovers - the peaches were getting soft and needed using up, and the dates (see below) had been in my fridge for far too long! The challenge is hosted this month by Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary on behalf of Kate from Turquoise Lemons
Elizabeth is also hosting Credit Crunch Munch, a food blogging challenge set by Helen at Fuss Free Flavours and Camilla at Fab Food 4 All.  This challenge encourages us to share our frugal food recipes in order to share that good food does not have to cost the earth.  The peach doughnuts were 6 for a £1 and the packet of Tunisian dates around 80p from a South Asian grocery shop, most of the other ingredients were in my kitchen cupboard.  
Peach Doughnut and Dates Crumble
Serves 6
6 - 8 peach doughnuts, stones removed and sliced
8 dates, roughly sliced
Optional: 40g golden caster sugar
For the crumble topping
150g plain four
100g chilled, diced butter
75g, caster sugar
50g rolled oats
Preheat the oven to gas mark 6. Mix together the peaches, dates and optional sugar, then scatter them in a 2 pint ovenproof dish.
Rub the butter into the flour until it resembles unevenly sized breadcrumbs. Stir through the sugar and oats and scatter over the peaches and dates.
Bake for 30 - 35 minutes until the plums are soft and the crumble is golden brown.



  1. Peach Doughnut? I love the idea of using peaches & dates in a crumble, sounds so heavenly good!


    1. Thank you. It was a very nice combo and a great way to use up very ripe peaches

  2. You've educated me Shaheen, I didn't know what peach doughnuts were, now I'm sure I've seen something like them in Morrisons exotic fruit display. I've also noticed trays of festive dates appearing in the supermarkets, scary! x

    1. Thank you Sally, They seem to be available at most supermarkets and veg markets that I've been to, even in other towns and cities. Yeah scary about the festive dates, the ones I had were available from South Asian grocers because of the Ramadan season that has just passed.

  3. That looks really good...I do so love peaches!

    ~Have a lovely day!

    1. Thank you, always lovely to hear from you.

  4. I love how fresh and vibrant this recipe sounds. I have never met peach donuts, but they look really cute and if they are juicier and sweeter than the regular peach...who wouldn't love that? Thanks for the delicious recipe.

  5. I've never tasted doughnut peaches so when I saw this title I thought it was doughnuts and peaches in a crumble and I was intrigued.

    And feel welcome to use any styles of mine from Vegan Mofo - I probably got it from somewhere else - and this year I am actually having a theme which should be fun - delighted you will be doing Mofo - looking forward to your posts

    1. Doughnut and peaches could work in a crumble :)

      Thank you so so much Johanna re support for Mofo. Looking forward to reading about your theme.

  6. I honestly thought this was made out of doughnuts, haha! I've learned something new this morning, thank you! A delicious looking use for fruit going soft. Thank you for sharing with the No Waste Food Challenge and Credit Crunch Munch!

    1. That made me smile Elizabeth. Do you know they are also called UFO doughnuts?!


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