Sunday, 4 December 2016

Golden Chioggia Beetroot Curry and Beetroot Chutney

This Sri Lankan style Beetroot Curry is one of my husbands favourite dishes, in fact anything with beetroot he loves. 
This Beetroot Curry is a mildly spiced, earthy and a little sweet.  The sweetness comes from the golden beetroot.  
Here are the beetroots picked up from a farmers market in South Wales.  We have Golden Beetroot, Chioggia described by many Brits as the 'sticker rock' beetroot because of the pink and white striped on the inside and the more recognizable Beetroot that makes our hands stain when we peel and chop it.  It even stains our lovely wooden chopping board.
I was very careful stirring the different beetroot together upon cooking as I did not want to lose the colours.  It was a little difficult but with a wide pan, I managed, a little bleeding of the beetroot into the yellow an chioggia could not be avoided though, that was naturally going to happen.  

The photograph directly above was taken in the garden where there was still a little light, but don't expect me to keep popping out in the garden where its icy cold for decent pictures. I have to admit in the next few weeks, if not two months my food blogging may slow down.  I will still of course be cooking, just not photographing and blogging about it due to poor lighting, but know that I always eat well.
Finally, a little while back I promised you all a recipe for Beetroot Chutney Chutney.  I seem to have misplaced the recipe that was given to me, when I locate it I will up-date this blog post, for now - please just admire that beautiful Gothic deep red colour.  I will be twisting open a jar come the Christmas holidays.

Sri Lankan Beetroot Curry 
Serves 4
2- 4 tablespoons sunflower or vegetable oil
2 medium onions, finely sliced
1 teaspoon cumin seeds
A pinch of fenugreek seeds
¼ teaspoon brown mustard seeds
2 red chillies, sliced or 1 teaspoon chilli flakes
Salt to taste
500g raw beetroot
Optional: 2 tablespoons dried fenugreek leaves 
400ml coconut milk
Peel the beetroot and slice them and slice them into strips of about ½ inch wide. 
In a wide pan, fry the onions in oil for about 5 minutes, then add in the spices, chillies and salt. When mustard seeds start to jump, add the beetroot and dried fenugreek and cook for 10 minutes on medium heat until the beetroot begins to feel tender. 
Stir in the coconut milk and simmer gently for 5 minutes or so. 


  1. Very interesting! I'm trying to use beetroot in new ways (normally I just roast them and have them as a side) and I never would have thought of putting them in a curry. I bet this tastes fab, the colours are so appealing.

    1. Thanks Joey, if you type beetroot in my side searchbar you will find lots of beetroot recipes including vegan cake! Please do try this, i rather like it.

  2. your beetroot curry and the chutney looks beautiful - and I commiserate with you about the natural light - I have been feeling much better about my photos with more light about in the evening - though they still often need more work! I'd love to try this curry - looks really really delicious and not too much work - though I don't have fenugreek seeds or leaves - have never cooked with them and not sure how much difference they make to the recipe.

    1. Thank you Johanna. I've made it a few times over the years, but first time with colourful beets. True even with lighting much work is required. If you like beets you will like this curry. The fresh fenugreek is optional and Im afraid it cannot be substituted for another green as it has a very distinct flavour - so just omit it. I' have ithis time round. If you have a South Asian shop near by check if they sell the seeds, (you may even find it in a health store as its often used for sprouting) and perhaps the dried fenugreek leave known as Methi, I used the dried Methid fenugreek when I cannot get my hands on fresh, but this time i had neither. To sub the fenugreek seeds, add a teaspoon of curried powder it often contains ground fenugreek seeds. Hope this helps.


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