Monday, 6 October 2014

Vegetable Palette: Purple and Blues Round Up #3

The idea behind 'The Vegetable Palette: natures colours - natures goodness'' is to make something with either a fruit, vegetable or combination of both each month.  You can make absolutely anything that you wish - sweet or savoury -  from a soup, a salad dish, a smoothie, a juice, a stew, a hot pot, a curry, a pie, a pasta dish, cookies or even a cake  - absolutely anything, so long as the recipe is vegetarian and includes a vegetable/and or fruit with the chosen colour.  
The theme for September was Purple and Blues.   
There were only two savoury dishes.  First up we have a soup that comes from Johanna of Green Gourmet Giraffe.  Johanna's soup is made fromPurple Carrots, Cauliflower and Chickpeas.   The soup was dubbed as Sludge Soup.  Want to know why, well you will have to go on over and find out why yourself .
The second savoury dish in the form of a salad comes from Janet from The Taste Space. Janet  was quick of the mark with her entry for Blueberry Tamari Greens Bowl.  I have never had blueberries in a salad, so can only imagine these popping in my mouth like a dressing of sorts, complimenting the savoury Tamari Greens and Tofu. 
Next up we have something to jazz up toast, scone or even a croissant.  Galina Varese  from Chez Maximka delights us with jars of Plum Sloe and Vanilla Jam.   I have never ever had this combination and would so so love to try it, but it may be a while before i made my own, so I will just admire these pretty jars.  
Now onto the sweet bites and slices.  Kate from Gluten Free Alchemist shares Foraged Blackberry and Apple Oatie Crumble Slice.  Doesn't it look delicious, I am so jealous, as I didn't get round to picking blackberries this year. 
Lucia from Torta Di Rose shares Pear and Plum Crumble.  I look at this and think is it a crumble or a cake - ah its the best of both.  I love how the fruit is oozing and the crumble topping, well crumbly! 
We have another seasonal crumble, this time from Laura from I'd Rather Much Bake Than.. Laura. shares Chunky Blackberry Hazelnut Crumble. The crumble topping is not just oats and hazelnuts, there is also almonds and pecans there too.  Crunch.
My good blogger friend Choclette from Chocolate Log Blog shares Blackberry and White Chocolate Melts. I have never had this combination before, so am well intrigued.  
Back onto the delicious bakes with a Banana Bread studded with berries, including blueberries. This Banana and Berry Loaf comes from Ros from The More Than Occasional Baker 
Kevin Chambers-Paston from The Crafy Larder shares Blueberry and Almond Clafoutis.  I totally love how the blueberry juices are smothering the Sweet Yorkshire Pudding come Thick Pancake.  This is one of those desserts, that just has to be eaten warm. Yum. 
And finally, Vohn McGuinness comes to us with Autumn Pavlova.  The purple berry fruit here are fat juicy brambles aka blackberries .  Ooh I so love those blackberry coulis hearts.  Clever. 

Thank you so so much to every one who has participated this month in the #VegetablePalette.  Please do go by and check out the entries.  Also I really hope you will participate this month too. October 2014 #VegetablePalette Challenge is Halloween Colours...think orange pumpkins, devil  and blood red beetroot or berry fruit, witches black hat, blue and purple bruises!  For details on how to participate follow this link.   


  1. Everything looks superb!
    Halloween has such fun colors to work with.

  2. Gosh Shaheen, I can't take my eyes of that purple soup - it's surreal! Everything looks very tasty though and I'm off to pay a few visits. Thanks for doing the round-up.

  3. Great round up shaheen! wonderful purple and blue palette!

  4. What a great event idea; I keep missing them so will try to create a Hallowe'en coloured recipe for October; though it prob won' be until the last week as we are so busy training for our upcoming half marathon.

    1. Good luck with the Marathon. I hope you will be able to participate by the end of the month

  5. My iPad's a bit funny with Blogger, sorry. Also was going to say all the purples and blues look amazing! We grew some purple potatoes last year which were tasty and funky-,looking, but never got a picture of them.

    1. I grew some blue potatoes once, when cooked a little disappointing

  6. What a beautiful purple and blue table of edible delights! Thanks for hosting... Great round up!

  7. I love purple and find this round up visually stunning to see all those purpley blues - just lovely though I am not sure I could ever emulate those cute blackberry hearts

  8. Marvellous round-up of mouth-watering recipes. Love your new colour scheme for challenge, will have to put my thinking bonnet on.


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