Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Vegan Sweet Potato, Chocolate and Marigold Petal Cake

I made a variation of this Sweet Potato Cake about two years ago whilst on my culinary adventure, I also threw in some dark dried fruit like raisins and sultanas.  This time the cake was for Clandestine Cake Club of which I have been a member for just over two years now.  I seem to be the only one who takes along vegan cake.
In the past I've taken along Rose Syrup and Rose Jam Cake before, Fiery Red Dragon Chocolate Cake, Parsnip and Violet Cake and even  White Chocolate Sweet Potato Cake.

Having rediscovered my Bundt tin whilst house-moving, I have actually been using it quite a bit, for Beetroot Chocolate Cake, more recently Blueberry Cake and now Sweet Potato Cake.  I was running out of time, so just scattered over some dried marigold petals over it, but ideally it would have been either lemon or orange drizzle icing.  Sorry there is no photograph of the cake sliced, but it was for Cake Club, not for home.  I am lucky that this time, I got to take a good picture of it to share, in the past this hasn't happened.  By the way did you know that dried marigold petals are sometimes known as Poor Man's Saffron and are used and substituted as such.

I have also made some No Bake Sweet Potato Granola Bites based on this recipe.  I will share them later in the week, but if you can't wait perhaps some of these Sweet Potato recipes may inspire you.
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  1. that bundt tin is really pretty - I have never had one but want one - and I really love the sound of this cake - also would love to join a clandestine cake club but it is not such a big thing here - I think there might be one or two but I am not sure they are very active

    1. Thanks Johanna, I bought mine years ago when I lived in Glasgow, it was quite expensive. I hope you get your mitts on one, just remember to grease it well. The CCC has its ups and downs, downs being poor attendance, but the up - lovely cakes. I hope you join, I think there may be one where you are check out the website.

  2. Hi Shaheen, I see you are tempting us with many sweet potato treats, the cake looks wonderful. It's interesting that no one seems to be taking any vegan cakes to the club. I'm scared of my Bundt, I got a silicone one and the first and last time I used it the cake parted and half stayed in it. I think it may have been the oven was on its last legs and not hot enough to cook the cake through the depth and it stuck. :) x

    1. Thanks Sally - I certainly am- orange vegetable and orange theme with Halloween coming up. I've not used a silicon bundt mould, but have other silicon moulds, but always ensure I grease them well and then let it cool down before allowing it to fall out. Hope you have better success next time. Hope your well.


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