Thursday, 10 March 2011

Seaside days - Morecambe Bay

For an hour or so, we stopped at Morecambe Bay, a popular holiday destination. Morecambe Bay is a large bay in northwest England. It was originally known as Poulton-le-Sands

Of course this statue of Eric Morecambe was a perfect tourist photo opportunity, and before you ask - Yes, we posed in the same manner: leg and arm in the air.

As we walked away, I asked D had he taken any pictures of a sign stating that we were in Morecambe Bay. His response, this stature of Eric Morecambe says Morecambe.

Eric Morecambe was the stage name of the English comedian John Eric Bartholomew. He took his name from his home town, the seaside resort Morecambe. Together with Ernie Wise, he formed the British award-winning double act Morecambe and Wise. The partnership lasted from 1941 until Morecambe's death of a heart attack in 1984.
Another Morecambe landmark, is the Grade-II listed Victoria Pavilion, better known as Morecambe Winter Gardens.
We walked for a little while along the beach, passing parents taking their little ones to nursery, dog walkers (some responsible, others not)joggers, cyclists and elderly patrons.

Before deciding to nibble on something, we did venture some of the side streets where I picked up some sweets: Jamaican limes, sherbety mulled wine and violet flavours.

We sat by this seagull sculpture; ate some home made Cumin Cauliflower Pasta salad; and watched some birds fly by including some Sandpipers.
D is not a boat man. He just likes the colours set against the misty blue skies,
as well as the ripples in the water.
I was reminded by fellow blogger Plummy Mummy of how a beautiful beach can also turn on you suddenley. Morecambe Bay is notoriously dangerous, with fast rising tides and quicksands.
In 2004, the rising tides of Lancashires Morecambe Bay sadly claimed the lives of 23 migrant Chinese cockle pickers, some of whom were never recovered . The deaths exposed an underground world of cheap labour in the U.K in which vulnerable migrants were exploited by criminal gangs and human traffickers.


  1. lovely photos - like the little trivia about eric morecombe - we have been watching a few of their old films lately and getting an old fashioned laugh - not very pc but an interesting perspective on how england used to be

  2. Hello There,
    Thank you for sharing, love reading you blog came across it on 'our new life in the country'love your recipes too,just read todays page, is the recipe for Cumin Cauliflower Pasta Salad on your blog as it sounds a bit yummy(as do your other recipes)
    Again Many Thanks for sharing
    Best Wishes

  3. Love the photos Mangocheeks. I especially like the seagull sculpture.

  4. Love your seaside photos - really makes me want to hit the beach, there's something so beautiful about the sea in winter!

  5. Thanks Johanna GGG.
    I vaguely remember seeing the Morecambe and Wise on TV in the background, but don't remember ever making a point of watching it. My parents used to like watching a British comedy called 'Mind Your language'. It was set in a school for adult students in London, focusing on the English as a Foreign Language class taught by Mr Brown, who had to deal with characters from im(migrants) backgrounds. As children, our preferred show called the Goodies. I remember my mother calling out at us by name and then shouting out loud so we could hear here 'Goody Goody Yum Yum is on'. Ah the memories.

  6. Thank you Sue and Welcome.
    I will be posting the recipe for the 'Cumin Cauliflower Pasta Salad' later today. So please do come back, not just for the recipe but also in the future.

  7. Thank you Jacqueline.
    There were so many bird related sculptures about, as Morecambe is a haven for birds, but we decided to showcase this one.

    Thank you Anne.
    I enjoyed walking around the seaside resort, but I was heavily dressed with winter coat as it was still rather nippy. I think its a little while before the summer dresses comes out.

  8. I've only been to Morecombe bay once and found it really lovely. Esp the pink art deco hotel that you can see from the beach. I'd love to stay there and pretend to be Poirot or Agatha Christie. In its day, Morecombe beach was a very popular attraction.
    Now, can't help but associate the beach with the of the poor 18 Chinese cockle pickers that all drowned there.The sands are deadly as the tide can come in very fast.
    As for M&W, we did watch them as youngsters, as well as the goodies. Ah those were the days. Did you see the recent biopic on the M&W duo and how they got together ...very much thanks to Sadie, Eric's mum.

  9. Thanks Plummy Mummy.
    Its a very differnt clientele from Blackpool that is for sure - less hustle and bustle.

    The Chinese Cockle Pickers did come to our minds whilst we were there. Your very right to point it out and remind us, people forget. My husband has the recent biopic of M&W on, I sorta watched it as I had other distractions. Take care. Its always lovely to hear from you.

  10. Aw yay my home town!! I was back up there visitng M & D a few weeks ago!

    Coach loads of elderly people come specially to see the eric morecambe statue. Morecambe's in a bit of a sorry state nowadays. We used to have a fairground called frontierland which was demolished years ago. The aquapark was knocked down at around the same time. Until recently there was a great live music venue called The Dome (which looked a bit like a giant boob to be honest) that was demolished earlier this year.

    the winter gardens is derelict. So sad! the company that recently renovated the Art Deco Hotel (which is white not pink) put in an offer to renovate the winter gardens. There is a committee called the friends of the winter gardians who have been collecting charity money toward restoration for 25 years. Funnily enough they opposed the funding and renovation offer which seems a bit fishy to me. Anyway looks like you had a pleasant trip!

    (There was a drama called 'Ghosts' made about the Cockle pickers which was very good. Once the tragedy had happened and it came to light what as going on we learned that the house they were being kept in was just around the corner from me.)

  11. Dear Anon,
    Thank you so much for your comment. I really enjoyed reading it and your perspective. I did watch the doc-drama 'Ghosts'.


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