Sunday, 13 March 2011

Seaside days - Bridlington Beach and eating Curd Tart

We had been driving from Essex on our way back up to Sunny Scotland for a few good hours, when we decided to take another stop this time at Bridlington.
Bridlington, with its beautiful beaches is situated on the East riding of Yorkshire. This was Ds and mine first time in Yorkshire and we really liked it. Just north of Bridlington lies the seaside resorts of Scarborough and Whitby, where we also stopped before we got back home in the late hours.
This is Bridlington Beach and its Fairground attractions 'out of season'. I asked D why he did not take a photograph of the 'Jungle River' sign from the front. His response, 'well that's what I'm seeing'. He was right to point out that such places have a front and a back. We as tourists often tend only ever to see the front side of places.
Other than a number of dog walkers, again we had the Bridlington beach all to ourselves. Yipee! If I had the energy I would have been been running around the beach like an excited child.
I really like this photograph. Seagulls are perched nearly on every stanchion.
I absolutely loved the pebbles here - natures smooth stone soap.
We then decided to take a wander to the town centre in search of a real Yorkshire tart!
'Yorkshire Curd Tart' is a speciality from the County of Yorkshire. Yorkshire Curd Tart was traditionally made with fresh curd left over from the cheese making process; then the custardy base was enhanced further with currants, raising and spices. Yorkshire curd should not be confused with cottage cheese or cream cheese. It is different in that it has to be cooked before eating.
We finished this large Yorkshire Curd tart between the two of us - well it was our lunch. It reminded us both of a lemony cheesecake but it wasn't overly rich or sugary. D really, really liked the sweetness of the tart offset by the slight tang of the chewy curd. In fact he liked it so much that when we stopped again, he was checking out the windows of the local bakers in Scarborough and Whitby.


  1. Mmmmmmmm, that tart looks good! Lucky you (the beach and the tart). I hope you were joking about sunny Scotland. If you weren't you are going to be sorely disappointed!

  2. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos and travel anecdotes. Love the seagull photo!

  3. Oooh, I love Yorkshire tart! (though now I've moved from Yorkshire to Lincolnshire, I see less of it. But Lincolnshire Plum Bread more than makes up for that!)
    I've been really enjoying reading about your travels. I love Whitby with all my little vulpine heart, and visit it every year (usually in february, my favourite time to be there), so am really interested to know what you got up to.
    much love, dear friend!

  4. Great post Mangocheeks! History, geography, linguistics and cookery all in one post... I love it! I wish we could get Yorkshire Curd Tarts where I live Iin Hampshire) but we can't.

  5. Thank you Jacqueline.
    I was joking about 'sunny Scotland' - we knew we were heading back to snow, and snow it did. Bbbbrrrr.

    Thank you Laura.
    Glad you like the seagulls photo.

  6. Thanks Littleblackfox.
    As you know I've had the pleasure of eating a Lincolnshire Plum Bread :) Thanks to your good self.

    We stopped at Whitby too, I've yet to post about it. I really really liked it. I don't know know if we'll ever pass that way again, so am glad we made a point of stopping there, even if it was for a short while. May your little vulpine heart not wait long for your next visit there. Much love to you too.

  7. Thank you so much Mark.
    Sorry you can't get Curd tarts where you live, perhaps a visit to Yorkshire could be part of future plans?!

  8. I did think you were being sarcastic, but thought I would check, hehe!

    No snow, but high winds here tonight.

  9. Thanks Jacqueline :)
    Snow has melted here, not sure what the weather is like tomorrow.

  10. So beautiful! Tell me, how is it your photos always have such a wonderful daytime light to them? All winter I've been struggling to take barely decent food photos with not-so-great indoor lighting. Any tips?

  11. Oh. Proper Yorkshire curd tart. My mum used to make them. She always said that proper curd tart was made with the 'beastings' or the first milk after a cow gives birth. It's richer than standard milk with a very high fat content. Our local dairyman would give it away once the calves had finished feeding because they weren't allowed to add it to the milk for sale.

  12. Thanks RuckusButt.
    Believe me we have struggled too. Many of the foodie ones are are taken by our South wide window when we still have some good natural light coming in; other are taken by my husband as he is home most afternoons, when the daylight is still on our side. Sometimes I make a number of dishes at the weekend, so that is when some of the food photographs are taken and am then able to blog about them throughout the week. There have also been times, when I've had to stand outside holding a plate of food. I made a tofu dish in black pepper sauce which had to be taken outside (Yet to post it). So sorry no fancy tricks to share.

  13. Morning AJ,
    So lovely to hear from you.
    Thank you so much for shairng your experience and memories of good old proper Yorkshire curd tart. I really did enjoy reading you comment. Thank you.

  14. Oh I wish Id realised you were coming to Brid, you could have popped in for a cuppa - Yorkshire tea of course!

  15. That is so kind of you freerangegirl,
    And who knows I may have taken you up on the offer of a cuppa Tea - a Yorkshire one, of course, but it was an impromptu and fleeting visit as we decided to take the long coastal drive back up to Scotland (from Essex). We enjoyed it for sure. Thank you once again.


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