Saturday, 12 March 2011

Seaside days - Southend-on-sea

This is Southend Pier in Southend-on-sea, Essex, England.
Southend Pier is a major landmark.
Southend Pier extends nearly a mile and a half into the Thames Estuary. It is reputed to be the longest pleasure pier in the world.
Admittance to the Pier is not free. If you want to use the tram, it costs about £3.00, but to walk it £0.52p, which of course is the option we took.
Yes, my little feet walked the Southend Pier - too and fro.
When we got to the other end, we were both gasping for a drink, but the cafe was still closed. The only place open was the RNLI station at the end of the Pier. RNLI is a charity that saves lives at sea. The pier is also a popular place for fishing.
Considering the age of the Pier, I had half expected to be 'hop scotching' across creaking and rotten planks, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well maintained the Pier was as every plank was sturdy and in tact.
I really enjoyed the stroll. More so, as we pretty much had the pier to ourselves.
For my walking efforts, I was rewarded with a plate of chunky chips accompanied with some vibrant green mushy peas.
I'm not a beach or fairground attraction kind of person - too much hustle and bustle, but I have to admit I've enjoyed walking these spaces the past week or so. Seaside resorts are completely different places out of season/off peak and one I'd be happy to explore.
If you want to read more about the Pier, see this link, if nothing else it will make you smile.
Me resting and enjoying the views, before we drove on a little further to Thorpe Bay.
These are beach huts at Thorpe Bay - pretty stylish eh.
Thorpe Bay is an affluent area within the Borough of Southend-on-Sea.


  1. Great post!
    I love a good pier! I'm originally from Llandudno too!
    Whenever we go back we always visit the pier!

  2. Alessandra,
    I know - its a bit steep. But it wasn't the price that made us decided to walk - we like walking, plus we both need the exercise.

    Thanks Claire.
    I'm from Wales - I lived in North Wales and have been through Llandudno, but not stopped there. I keep getting told it a place where seasgulls eat you alive - no just joking. Seagulls stoop down low anywhere where they have little ones or if your eating chips or a sandwich.

  3. it's better to walk indeed: the brisk Thames air and the original sign posts telling how far you've walked {in miles if you please}:
    although there is a charm about the rickety wooden train on the tracks:
    those sad looking palm trees are a joke aren't they?
    Las Vegas on Sea:
    you just gotta have chippychips on the seafront and a Rossi's icecream:
    and I did that today when I met up with friends in the sun:

  4. Thanks Chocolategirl64.
    Yes I agree about the palm trees - a bit skinny aren't they and wind battered. But on the plus side, I was quite surprised at how hardy they are for our U.K climate.

    I missed out on the Rossi ice-cream. Oh I wanted one, but after having the chips and mushy peas I just had no room in my belly. Maybe next time. Good to read you enjoyed the seafront today with your friends. Its snowing on and off here in Scotland.

  5. Bellissimo post, piacere di conoscerti.
    Le foto sono stupende. Ciao

  6. I've been to South(sarf)end but forgot the pier was as long as that.
    I really like that top photo of it. Beautifully taken.

  7. Thank you Toru.
    Yes, I guess I should have written 'Sarf-end' with an accent.

  8. I agree! I swear the seagulls in Llandudno are on steroids!

  9. Thanks Claire.
    I shudder to think - seagulls on steroids. When I was in Nairn, North Scotland last year
    Whilst sitting in a cafe and drinking coffee I remember picking up a local newspaper and glancing at the 'reader contribution section' who was complaining about the seagulls there having a similar reputation.


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