Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Seaside days - Blackpool

Over the next few days, I will be sharing with you some photographs with you. Sadly, not many of seasonal cooking, but places, namely seaside resorts that I have had the opportunity to visit in the last few days.
Before arriving at our Destination (Essex, South-East England via Wales), D and me stopped at a couple of seaside resorts, the most famous being Blackpool, Lancashire, England.
For many, the best time to enjoy Blackpool Pleasure Beach is at night when the luminous lights are flickering and dancing before your eyes, hence the popularity of Blackpool Illuminations when almost every kind of blinding light you can imagine is displayed.
D and me were just appreciative of the dry and the bright blue skies. The walk towards Blackpool Tower was so refreshing, in the sense that there was not hustle and bustle of bumping into other tourists. The trams were also not running due to work being carried out on location.
As we walked towards the Tower and the Beach, I admired some of the displays attached to lamp posts.
This peacock was perhaps my favorite.

Fudge and nougat - not that I bourght any, as this place was closed.
Blackpool Tower is inspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It is 518 foot and 9 inches (158 metres) in height. We did not get the opportunity to explore the Tower as it was closed to the public as it is currently undergoing transformation. It will re-open this September as the Blackpool Tower Eye.

Once upon a time, you could win a stuffed Jungle Animal such as a giraffe, tiger, lion or even a cuddly bear - nowadays it meerkats.
Blackpool Promenade.
Laurel and Hardy
Clint Eastwood

The Ferris Wheel
How often do you get the beach to yourself ? and one so famous like Blackpool !
Blackpool Tower and Coral Island.
I picked up some Blackpool rock for my little nephews and nieces.


  1. Fab photos, glad you are back and looking forward to the rest of the pics.

  2. Aha, all is revealed! I wondered why you had been off-line for a while... Did you have a go on the Pleasure Beach? I've heard that the Roller Coaster is good...

  3. Wow MC, it's really lovely... is it often used as a film location? I'm sure I've seen some of the sights before, especially the pier and ferris wheel.

  4. Brilliant pics!! Never been, might go!

  5. What a shame you didn't get to go up the Tower it's amazing how far you can see from the top. I used to love watching them make rock when I was a child.

  6. I love going to seaside resorts outside of the main season. There is something about the atmosphere that makes it special.

  7. Looks like you had a very fun day! I am scared of farris wheels. Wish I wasn't though.

  8. i really enjoyed looking through these photos. it's like going on a little virtual vacation. that beach looks so inviting!

  9. Don't you just love off-peak travelling? I just got back from a trip to the Lake District - it was wonderful, but I could only imagine how packed with tourists it must be in the high season. Never been to Blackpool but your pictures have me curious. I love all the colours - not something you see enough of in English towns!

  10. Thanks Kath.
    I promise that there will be some foodie related ones.

    Thanks Mark.
    Nice to learn that I've been missed.
    No, most of Pleasure Beach was closed of lack of custom. for example, noone else on the bumper cars/dodge 'ems - so having a go would have been no fun.

    Thanks Ali.
    Yes Blackpool has been used for lots of filming -old and new. Blackpool is the most famous of seaside resorts in the U.K

    Thank you Fay McKenzie.
    Blackpool is not to everyones taste. i liked it this time round as it was quiet, but I don't think I would venture there when really busy!

  11. Cate, I agree it was a shame we didn't get to go up the Tower. It would have been great to get a birds eye view of Blackpool.

    I agree with you, its so much more pleasant - makes you feel spoiled too.

    Thank you Carissa.
    I understand your anxiety towards the Ferris Wheel, as I have never been on anything like it all my life and don't think I ever will - the thought of it just makes me giddy. I've never been much of a fairground person. But I'd encourage you to have a go.

    Thank you so much Emily.
    So pleased you enjoyed looking through these photos, i've lots more to share :)

  12. Thanks Monica.
    Yes - I certainly do - you feel so spoiled.

    I'm looking forward to exploring a little of the Lake District in the future, hopefully it will be when its a little quiet.

    I'm sure you will get to see Blackpool some day soon. Take care.

  13. What a fabulous place to spend a vacation. It looks like a marvelous place to relax & especially if one takes a camera along. Thanks for the views.

  14. Thank you Dee.
    It was a fleeting visit as we were on our way to see my family in Wales.
    These days we don't go anywhere without the camera :)

  15. Love the photos!
    I love the kitschiness of the seaside!!!


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