Sunday, 11 January 2015

Winter Greens Shepherds Pie

D has been wanting me to make vegetarian Shepherds Pie for the past month, I have been putting it off for one reason or another, well today with the blustery wind keeping us firmly indoors he finally persuaded me to make one.

I was going to make one of my old fashioned tried and tested Shepherds Pie or Shepherdess Pie recipes made with beans and lentils, but he expressed that he didn't want one made with lentils and beans, as we have been feasting on lots of pulse based dishes recently such as the Black Eyed Pea and Lemon Hot Pot and Red Kidney Bean Schnitzels.  

The only issue I had with this was that we haven't been out to the shops to stock up on fresh vegetables, so I was having to make do with what we had in our kitchen cupboards.  And there seems to be an awful lot of dry ingredients: flours, grains and beans.  Well, I kept hush and just got on with it and decided the vegan Shepherds Pie base was going to be made with soya mince which I often use for my Mexican Tamale Pie.  And yes I know soya mince is a legume, but minced up D is none the wiser.  Shu.  Lets keep it hush between us.  
Winter Greens Shepherds Pie part covered with mashed potatoes
Another thing, this particular Shepherdess Pie is made with shredded winter greens not peas which is traditional simply because I did not have any in the freezer either, so I had to make do with what I had, He was beginning to be a bit of a grump about it, saying it wouldn't be the same without peas. 

Verdict, he really loved it.  It was very, very paprikarey, yes I was a little heavy handed with the smoked paprika!  


  1. I put smoked paprika in everything!

  2. Well, that is a long way from the Shepherd's Pie that I know, but probably pretty nice nonetheless. When you say "Winter Greens" do you mean Cabbage?

    1. I know Mark, but you know us Veggies we completely alter a recipe to suit our dietary choices. When I say greens, no not cabbage. I mean greens. I have been picking up Winter Greens from local supermarkets, I think they are Sprout greens etc.

  3. Can't have too much smoked paprika, I say! Shepherd's pie is a regular around here at this time of year. I make ours with whole mung beans and finely chopped carrot and celery, seasoned with thyme-heavy mixed herbs, paprika, tomato puree and miso. I tend to put tahini and Engevita in the mash and serve with lashings of piping hot miso gravy. Next time, I will try your idea and add some kale and smoked paprika- sounds really good :)

    1. Thanks Sarojini.
      I'll have to try tahini in the mash and Engevita. Sounds good, so does the hot miso gravy, do you have a recipe for the miso gravy please.

  4. I've never tried Sheperd's pie before, but this looks amazing!

    1. Do try the other recipes that I have linked to, this one is not really a Veggie Shepherds Pie, just evolved from the idea of one.

  5. Beautiful! During this season I also start craving vegetarian pies, especially made with lentils and beans. That just seems to be the easiest, as I also have a lot of dried stuff flying around. :)

    1. Thanks VegHog.
      Def. the season of vegetarian pies, I came on over and checked out your cheesy bites, but as I am doing Veganuary, I looked away :), next month will tuck into cheese again, but I am not a huge cheese person, my husband is though.

  6. I go in waves with TVP. Sometimes it is very good and this looks like a great place to use it. I love how cheap and easy it is to use. Totally loving your vegan recipes this month, Shaheen.

    1. Thank you so much Janet. I'm a bit like that with TVP, times I like other times, nah .

  7. Hi Shaheen...
    Transylvanian Vampire Particles are exceptionally useful...
    I cannot seem to find them here in France, tho'...
    but I haven't yet looked for them in the local Bio-coop...
    and the beetles got my last remaining few ounces from Leeds!

    But this looks to be a good one to try with ordinary mince...
    I'm not a veggie...
    but with a potager of 6 sections... each 14 x 3 metres...
    we tend to gravitate to veg heavy meals...
    meat being more of a condiment!

    the greens I would be using are Chard, Black Tuscan and Red Russian kales and Collard Greens...
    but in tonight's stirfry it was the two kales and some final shoots of the Tenderstem Brocolli and two tiny sprouts of Pak Choi that seem to have survived the last frost.

    Do you grow your own paprika?
    We do... and used to in Leeds... with great success...
    once dried and blitzed to smithereens in a 50-year-old Moulinex coffee grinder, they are way better than shop bought.
    And they are dead easy to smoke over ash or oak chips before you dry them...
    as are cayenne...
    but the grinding of the cayenne is a face mask and breathing apparatus task...
    but use the grinder for some paprika afterwards and there is a certain gentle heat passed across.

    May you have four excellent 2015 growing seasons!!

    1. I've never heard Textured Vegetable Protein described that way before, so was amused.
      The greens you have suggested all sound good.
      I don't grow my own paprika, but now you have put the thought into my head, who knows I may give it ago, but it depends if my husband lets me grow chillies in his small greenhouse, he goes for tomatoes, loads of them. Thank you for your warm wishes for a good growing season, I hope to get back into it properly this year.

  8. I love shepherd's pie...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  9. Haha! What the eye doesn't see, the heart does not grieve for, eh? I got so much 'good' stuff down my boys that way, and they still don't realise to this day!
    My poor husband had to race over to Wales last Saturday from here - Norfolk, as the awning blew down from our caravan which is in Crickhowell. Ah well, I'm sure we will still enjoy our next visit to Wales, but I shan't be going until the weather improves. Hope you haven't got snow!

    1. Thanks Lynne.
      So sorry to learn that the weather is playing havoc with you holiday abode. I hope it is not too bad, we have had trouble with the winds here, see my recent post. PS I got your e mail and will post out this week. We do have snow, but its not settling so much, thank goodness, but been told more to come...


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