Friday, 2 January 2015

January is Veganuary Month

Last January 2014, I signed up to participate in Veganuary.  Veganuary is a campaign in association with Viva!  that is encouraging people from all backgrounds to pledge and eat vegan food for the month of January.  

As a vegetarian, I have always enjoyed creating dishes at home from scratch, many happen to be vegan and it is for that I have decided to do Veganuary 2015 all over again.  If your interested in learning more and wishing to sign up, then please follow this link.
I will be making lots of new vegan recipes, but here are some of the vegan recipes that I shared last year for Veganuary. 

Cranberry and Date Snowballs
Raw Ginger Fruit Bites
Trini Black Eyed Peas with Rice
Brussels Sprouts Hash
Rainbow Chard Bundles
Winter Beetroot Pearl Couscous
Hijiki Tofu
Chestnut Mushroom Tofu Roast
Vegan Rock'n'Roll Bagel
Jerusalem Artichoke and Rosemary Soup with Jerusalem Artichoke Crisps
Deep Paprika Mushroom and Butter bean Pie
Vegetable Chilli Pot
Vegan Garlic and Mushroom Pasta
Portobello Mushroom and Haggis Pakoras with Neep Chips
Vegan Eats and Treats in January


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing what yummy vegan recipes you come up with this time :D

    1. Thank you Sooz. Some for ease will be tried and tested recipes, some will be new, hope you like.

  2. I've just made the sprouts hash and it is absolutely delicious. I've blogged about it on my food blog. Thanks very much.

    1. Oh Joy I am so pleased you liked it. I will come on over later. Happy new Year to you.

  3. I am definitely going to try your recipes, the Haggis Pakoras look particularly yummy. I have signed up to Veganuary - I am going to eat vegan twice a week, not perfect but a start!

    1. Thank you Lorna. Good luck with Veganuary, I think twice a week is something, so still an achievement. I had someone ask me if I did Veganuary for just January last year, it was a strange question. Yes, that is what Veganuary is all about, encouraging people who are not vegan to try a vegan diet for the whole month. In every day life, my daily diet is probably vegan, but I do eat dairy products now and again, so still choose to label myself as Vegetarian, it is for this reason that I have not gone vegan. But you never know, the choice will be mine - not an imposition. Good luck with your Veganuary challenge.

  4. I always love your creative recipes, Shaheen, and look forward to your vegan ones this month. ;)

    1. Thank you Janet. January will be the month of Veganuary on this blog.


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