Saturday, 3 May 2014

Snail and slug trails

I mentioned in my last gardening post that its not all been good in the greenhouse, we have had slug problems.  We didn't have shelving/staging in the greenhouse, so most of the seedlings were set on the ground, I know we were asking for trouble but we had no other choice at the time.  

Well many of the seedlings on my Sowing the Seeds page, no longer exist (even those bestowed upon me by fellow bloggers), where their was once a seedling beginning to germinate, there is now a silver streaky trail eek

Yes, many of my seedlings including the sunflowers have been got at, by the slimey slugs and snails - I am ever so mift.  I was already three weeks behind on the growing front due to the house moving, now I have been pushed back a further three- four more weeks.  
Hand-crafted snail from Welsh coal
So as well as picking up mesh shelving, some slug pellets, I put my hands up and admit I am cheating as have also picked up some established vegetable plants like courgettes, squash, black kale, curly kale, tomatoes, borlotti beans, purple french beans and a number of others that escape my mind. 

I know some serious vegetable gardeners will shake their head, but I know most of you will understand.  So this year will be a mish mash of seedlings home-grown and not home-grown, but its got me started.  I don't want to be defeated by the slug trailers; and yes, I will still sow some of my own seeds - starting tomorrow, the garden nursery vegetable plants will just give me a head start.


  1. I sympathise! We have more snails than slugs - pretty but hungry snails! Good luck with the second attempt! I try and plant only things they don't like, but I should love some parsley to make it this year!

    1. Thank you, its def, the weather bringing them in - I've never had such a big problem before, Hope you do well too.

  2. Losing so many plants like that must be soul-destroying! I have been caught out like that a few times, so these days I resort to using slug-pellets, which seem to be the only viable form of protection - and even then not 100% effective. I totally sympathise with your plan to buy seedlings for this season, just to get yourself established. There's always next year!

    1. Its quite gutting and I am so so mift. I've not had such a problem before, but will continue with the seedlings of course. I have also put some more seeds in, need to up-date my seed growing list. And slug pellets are on hand.


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