Sunday, 10 October 2010

Red Chilli Spiced Pumpkin Chutney

I have been wanting to make a pumpkin chutney since I tasted some on an oat biscuit last year at some food event. Most of the pumpkin chutney recipes however are a bit plain for me. I wanted one that had a little bit of warmth. Whilst flicking through my cookbooks for inspiration, I came across one from the Women’s Institute. It is such a slender and skinny booklet that you’d miss it amongst the other chubbier books. I found a pumpkin chutney recipe in there with flavours that appealed. So that is what, I made with a few little tweaks of my own of course.

I am so sorry that I did not get a photograph of the ingredients raw in the pot, as the colours were just beautiful. The gold from the pumpkin nuggets, the alluring bright red from the chilli, ruby jewelled red from the cranberries, tart apple pieces offset jet studs of raisins and sultanas. Once cooked down the colours in the jar just echoed of Autumnal leaves drifting in the breeze.

Whilst cooking, I tasted the chutney for flavour as I went along. But I want to get D’s opinion about the spices too, especially the kick of the chilli. I had decision to make, whether to keep the red chilli pods whole or mince them in. I called him into the kitchen. As he walked in, I saw the expression on his face change as he was hit by the acidic smell of the bubbling vinegar. On tasting a teaspoon, he said the flavours were 'spot on' and left me again.
An hour later, after having just filled the jars and screwing the on the lids, D comes back into the kitchen, peering into the empty pot ‘Are there no leftovers? I fancy eating some chutney and cheese’. This pumpkin chutney has to mature for two months before consuming. I pointed him in the direction of the fridge and reminded him that we still have some tomato and celery chutney from last year, and if he did not want that, there was also some unopened spiced plum chutney in the cupboard.
Alternative: if you don’t want the chilli heat, you can omit both the chillies and the mustard seeds. The chutney will still be excellent.
Red Chilli Pumpkin chutney
Makes 8 x 245ml jars
680g prepared pumpkin, peeled, de-seeded and cut into small chunks.
450g cooking apples, peeled, cored and roughly chopped
2 large onions, chopped
100g dried cranberry
75g raisins and sultanas
2 teaspoons salt
60g fresh root ginger, shredded finely
½ teaspoon ground black pepper
2 teaspoons ground allspice
2 tablespoons black, brown or yellow mustard seeds
4 – 5 fresh fat red chillies, pierced
6 garlic cloves, crushed
1 pint malt vinegar
450g granulated sugar
Put all ingredients, except the sugar in a large pan and mix well. Bring to the boil and then reduce the heat and simmer for about 45 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the contents are very soft. Optional: either leave whole or take out the whole chillies and mince. Then return to pan with the sugar until dissolved. Continue to simmer, uncovered for about 1 – 1 ½ hours or until the chutney is very thick and there is no liquid left on the surface. Spoon into sterilized jars and seal. Store for 2 months before use. Adapted from the Best kept secrets from the Women’s Institute Jams, Pickles and Chutney's by Midge Thomas.


  1. the poetry in your description of the colours is fine compensation for the lack of photos of the chutney in the raw

    I would love some of this chutney - am in a chutney wasteland now and need to make some - thought I had a jar but it has disappeared - admire your systematic storing of chutney and letting it mature - I often am too impatient but the vinegar can be prominent if it doesn't mature properly

  2. An awesome chutney! What fantastic flavors.



  3. Ohhhh, such glorious autumnal flavors!! D is very lucky indeed, to have such a bounty of beautiful chutneys around! :-)

  4. Looks wonderful! I am so excited for Fall and pumpkin baking!!!

  5. Waw!! What a great invention,..aka georgous creation!!

    These would make awesome food gifts too!

  6. I LOVE pumpkin. I love everything about pumpkin, the other, texture, taste, and this chutney looks and sounds divine. Thanks.

  7. I had a notion for making pumpkin chutney last year but just never got round to it maybe this year.

  8. Thank you so much Johanna GGG.
    wish you could see the big teethy smile on my face :D

    I am so delighted that you like the sound of this.

    PS If you would like one of these jars to be your very own. Let me know. No problem at all. It would be a pleasure.

    Thank you so much Rosa.
    Its one chutney i am looking forward to delving into.

    Thank you Astra Libris.

    Thank you Morgan.
    Yes, I too am looking forward to feasting on pumpkin and squashes galore!

    Thank you so much Sophie.
    Yes, I plan to give some of these as gift, there is no way D and me could eat them all!

    Hello Karen,
    So lovely to hear from you.
    I am really looking forward to eating this chutney come December.

    Thank you madebymum.
    I say go for it - nothing like your own home-made chutney to munch on.

  9. This sounds like an unusual chutney, Mango. I think I would like the heat of the chili with the sweetness of the pumpkin. Very creative recipe!

  10. Thank you so much Barbara.

    Me too. But you know I do like my spices :)

  11. I love the way you write. That chutney sounds wonderful. Thank you for the visit.

  12. Thank you so much for such a lovely compliment Rita. And thank you so much for repaying the compliment.

  13. Ciao Cara,grazie per il tuo commento..:-)
    E complimenti,il tuo blog รจ molto carino..
    baci ciaooo..:-**

  14. This sounds absolutely delicious and I will definitley try it. Thanks so much for sharing.

  15. Thank you Honey82.

    Thank you so much Karen.
    Nice to make your acquaintance.
    If you do make this recipe, please do come back and let me know. I would love to hear how you found it.

  16. I am so glad to have finally found something I can make with pumpkin. This is REALLY nice. I do like a bit of spice in my chutneys so I used a mixture of ordinary chillies and habaneros.. Phew! Really lovely flavours and the texture of the mustard seeds works so well.

  17. Esther,
    I am so glad you liked this. I like the sound of your chilli combo. I do hope to make this again next year, jam - chutney and preserve making has been postponed to next year for me.

  18. I love to make this pumpkin chutney, I can almost taste it??? but can I use butternut pumpkin in this recipe, or would it be to soft to use in the chutney,because it does seem to have a long cooking time.

  19. Hi Anon,
    Apologies for the delay in response.
    Yes, I think butternut squash would work well in this recipe. It doesn't matter if its a little soft.


    1. I gave jars of these away when I made them and they proved popular. They were described more as a mustard than a chutney. Hope you like Yvonne.


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