Saturday, 2 October 2010

Glasgow Highland Cattle Show

This morning we went to Pollock Park Country Park. We've been there many times, but today was for a different reason.
Pollock Country Park was hosting the city's Highland Cattle Show.
It was a good to get out of the flat. The way I'm feeling, I could easily have stayed in bed all morning.
The fresh air was good, until you got up close to the cattle - who were chucking it, to interpret 'stinking the park', but you have to expect this. Imagine a number of people being stuck in a life, and their bodily smells, I know which I'd rather choose.
Love the hairdo of this Clydesdale horse.
I thoroughly enjoyed the birds of prey demonstration by Cumbernauld Wings of Prey and the ranger was extremely informative. I learned more about owls today, than I did at wildlife classes at school. For example, have you heard of the saying wise owl, not so. In the photograph above swooping is a Harris Hawk. We were only at the park for about an hour as the rain came down heavy and chased us back home. Oh I'm fibbing it was not the rain that chased us home. We've have been living in Scotland for over 10 years now; and me coming from Wales where it rains all the time, were both pretty used to getting a good soaking. It was the fact that D forgot to put his raincoat in the car.
Dancing fruit - no its really a whirling waltzer!


  1. I have never seen a whirling waltzer.Hope its not too fast!Signs of my old age.
    Great photos.

  2. Neuron,
    I am sure you've seen one. I think you may know it by a different name to me. Its one of those 'teacup' style carousel things that little kids go on, that go round and round. V. traditional at fairgrounds.

  3. sounds like fun until the rain! another nice day trip to make me want to go across the pond someday!

  4. love those hairy coos but maybe they are best in the paddocks at a bit of a distance rather than all together up close because of the stinky factor

  5. It was nice to get out of the flat Darlene.
    Plenty to see in Scotland, should you ever get the opp. to come over.

    :) Yes, I ts a shame they were all rounded up together like this as the stink factor grows. Just imagine 10 people stuck in a lift! the sweaty and other body smells niffing. So its understandable really. If they were out in th open grazxing as they usually are, the humming is less so too.

  6. I remember seing highland cattle ... they are so "royal"!
    In Edinbourgh we bought a bag representing one for my daughter. Gorgeous.
    Thanks for those pictures.

  7. Thank you spécialiste de l'éphémère.
    I agree there is something very "royal" about the Highland cattle, I think perhaps its their golden hair.


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