Sunday, 7 August 2016

Bakers Dozen: Savoury Strawberry Recipes

We Brits are very reserved with our strawberries come the Summer season.  We love mostly to make jam with our British strawberries so that we can slather it on our homemade scones.  Come Wimbledon - it becomes fashionable to indulge in Strawberries and Cream or the more traditional Eton Mess.  

Well for a change and in the name of  culinary and cultural diversity, I recently decided to make a Strawberry Curry and it got me thinking about other savoury strawberry recipes.  Strawberries in a savoury dish?!  Its actually not as terrible as you may think.  Imagine a strawberry a bit like a cherry tomato.  Its not always sweet, sometimes sharp too or sometimes both.  Perfect for Goats cheese or Mozzarella Toasted Panini, or on a Bruschetta.  

Here are twelve Savoury Strawberry vegetarian and vegan recipes from around blogosphere.   
Strawberry, Avocado and Walnut Salad from the magnificent Green Gourmet Giraffe
Strawberry and Jalapeno Salsa 
Strawberry Chilli Jam perfect for savoury Oatcakes or simply on toast.
Something else that would be excellent on crust bread would be this Strawberry Chutney from The Practical Herbalist;   Or if your more into BBQ's try this Strawberry Ketchup for veggie burgers (not pictured), the recipe comes from The Yellow Apron.
I f you want something a little lighter and elegant, try this easy chilled strawberry Soup aka Strawberry Gazpacho from The Star.
Check out these vegan Strawberry and Tofu Spring Rolls by The Dirty Hippie and The Bohemian girl.  
A impressive Strawberry Quiche with Brie Cheese that would make an excellent centrepiece for a buffet.
You will either love or hate this vegan Strawberry Risotto with Salad greens
Broccoli in Savoury Sauce by by KiipFit.  It does contain Worcestershire sauce, but that can be substituted with a vegan version.
Vegetarian Savoury Strawberry Pizza by Dishing Up The Dirt.  
Or if you want some comfort gooey crunch, how about this Gluten Free Grilled Strawberry and Cheese Sandwich from The Tomato Tart.   And finally a fabulous Hot and Smoky Strawberry Sauce (not pictured) that would be fantastic over a tofu steak. 

Do you have any Savoury Strawberry recipes that you would like to share?


  1. What a great round up - I love strawberries in all forms so these recipes all hold appeal to me!

  2. oooh, I just made a strawberry fish dish which was stunning! Great minds and all that!

    1. Yes Dom, you right - great minds think alike and all that!

  3. Interesting!
    I'm not mad about strawberries (love raspberries though)
    I've had strawberries halved and eaten them with fresh ground black pepper on and that is as near to savoury use of them I've got to. Fancy the salsa.

    1. Black pepper with strawberries sounds good to me. You must try the salsa some day.

  4. strawberries aren't in season here but I am buying some anyway because it is the time of year when there isn't much fruit to enthuse me. But this makes me want to cook with them - thanks for including my salad - now I really want to try a strawberry gazpacho and that beautiful quiche - roll on summer!

    1. Your so welcome Johanna. I buy fruit out of season, its quite common now - nothing to be apologetic about that is the way of the world. yes the gazpacho intrigues me too, but I have to admit I was not keen on beetroot so unsure about this...can only try and find out

  5. Fabulous round-up. Such a creative approach to strawberries. Not sure I'd like to try all of the recipes though. ;)


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