Thursday, 10 December 2015

Hazelnut and Kale Pesto

I made myself smile today.  I went into a bookshop in town during my lunch break.  Now and again, I will frequent this High Street bookshop, just to see what new vegetarian and vegan cookbooks they have in stock.  Whilst I was looking, this man that would nowadays be described as a Hipster, though the word hipster emerged in the 1930 for underground Black musicians, mostly jazz musicians 'in the know' about emerging sub-culturea and trends.  

Anyway, I digress, I heard him yell out to one of the workers 'Do you have any vegetarian or vegan cookbooks?'.  The girl came over and looked at the shelf a bit bewildered.  I couldn't help myself and said I come here often and I can see one there , there and two there.  In fact that one is good.  He looked at the girl, and said 'Thanks anyway' and  thanked me, surprisingly picking the one that I recommended.  Just made me smile.  I should be working in the cookbook section of this shop or in the library.  I think I would love it.  
Okay back to this Hazelnut and Kale Pesto.  I do know this is not really a pesto as pesto is traditionally made with basil and pine-nuts, but celebrity chefs, food writers, recipe developers and food bloggers with hundred, thousands and millions of followers like to dub things and those are accepted like call a dip Hummus or Falafels when it is made without chickpeas, but when a blogger like me does it people take umbrage.  Why?!  Because I am a small time blogger without a big following...and therefore without endorsement.
The Saveur Magazine Walnut Pesto
Martha Steward Parsley and Hazelnut Pesto
River Cottage - Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall Almond Pesto
Jack Monroe Kale Pesto

Still I love how vibrant and green this Hazelnut and Kale Pesto looks, very festive. I liked the nutty undertones.  This Pesto, like any other pesto is extremely versatile.  So far I 've used t as a sandwich spread, a dip and the traditional way, with pasta, but I got a couple of more ideas of how to showcase it in all its lush green glory.  

Hazelnut and Kale Pesto 
200g kale, already removed from stalk and washed
100g hazelnuts , lightly roasted in the oven for 10 minutes
1 clove of garlic, crushed
Salt and pepper to taste
Around 100ml Welsh Rapeseed oil or good olive oil to acquire pesto like consistency
Optional: Either keep raw or blanch the kale in boiling water for 5 minutes, then drain and set aside.
Rub off the skins from the hazelnuts if you wish.
Then transfer all the ingredients to a blender.  I used my high speed Optimum 9400 Froothie blender, but any blender will do.  And blitz until desired consistency. You may need to stop and start a few times.
Use straightaway or transfer to a jar topped off with a little oil and refrigerate.  
Use within a week.
I am sharing this Hazelnut and Kale Pesto with Eat Your Greens and No Waste Food Challenge hosted by Jen's Food and Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary.; and Vegetarian Mama for Gluten-Free Fridays


  1. Fantastic! I too am expending my ideas of what pesto can be. Thanks.

  2. What a gorgeous seasonal pesto recipe! Thank you for sharing with the No Waste Food Challenge :)

  3. Thank you Elizabeth, its so versatile.


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