Monday, 9 June 2014

Go Radish

I've spent most of the day weeding the garden.

Herbs are growing and so are some veg, but there is not much too harvest yet - or maybe I spoke a little too soon, as I knelt down I notice some fuschia pink radishes peeking out from the ground.  I immediately began to pull those that looked big out. 

I like eating my radishes raw, sliced and the white part dipped in equal quantify of salt and chilli!  But my husband is not that keen on them raw, so I am planning to make something with these in the next couple of days including the leafy greens that are also edible.  If your looking for some radish inspiration check out the links below.  
I am sharing this with Harvest Monday hosted by Daphne and Dandelions,

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  1. A favourite of mine! I like them raw just dipped in salt too. Not keen on eating them cooked.

  2. Shaheen,
    My wife substitutes radishes for potatoes. Not that we eat lot of potatoes, but looks like one can make scalloped potatoes out of radishes. I will be curious to see what you cook up, as usual :)

    Peace :)

    1. Scalloped radishes, now that is something I would like to try out. I've made a Quiche with the radishes, not vegan - I will share later in the week.

  3. My radish rarely make it to the kitchen they are eaten straight after picking in the garden.

    1. I do think raw is best Joanne, even better eaten immediately.

  4. I love my radishes with salt and raw too. Sadly I can't eat chilis though.


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