Tuesday, 12 February 2013

White Chocolate and Cranberry Cakes

I have quite a lot of cranberries in the freezer left over from Christmas holidays, that have to be used one way or other; and cake is the way forward. 

In the past I have been pretty good at preserving, but the last year or so, a lot of what I cannot use has ended up in the freezer, rather than go to the compost bin.  Do you have a lot of frozen vegetables or berries in your freezer? I'd like to know. 
Well here are a fresh batch of these soft sponge centred cake, every now and again you will bite into a bit of white chocolate laced with bursted sweet-sharp cranberries. 

I had originally made these White Chocolate and Cranberry Cakes in the shape of mini loaves for Christmas (see below), hence the Christmas parchment paper.
Recipe will appear here soon.


  1. I usually pick loads of blackberries from hedgerows and freeze them, but we ate them as quickly as we picked them last autumn. I always like to have raspberries in the freezer, but they have all gone too. I wish I had been organised enough to buy in cranberries at christmas because I would love a delicious cranberry and white chocolate cake right now.

    I think that's the great thing about freezing berries - they are so useful. Actually, looking at the sorry state of my freezer - they are too useful.

    Those festive cranberry and white chocolate cakes look gorgeous!

    1. Thank you for letting me now about your frozen berries Gardening Shoe. I missed out on blackberries big time last year :(

  2. Oh wonderful Shaheen, I will be looking out for the recipe.


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