Sunday, 10 February 2013

Vegan Cranberry Cake with Pink Icing

Its been a really busy week, that my head is still spinning from both tiredness and excitement; and I am a little sad to say, the weekend is almost over too. 

Tiredness, because its been a long week at work in terms of hours;and excitement - I attended my first Cake Club today (more about that later in the week), but what I am willing to share right now is the cake I made for my first meeting: A Cranberry Cake that happens to be suitable for those on a vegan diet.
A full head shot of this pink cake would appear on first glance like a rather large pink doughnut that even Homer Simpson would have difficulty chomping on, but it is not a doughnut but cake  made in a Bundt tin, which I have been perusing a lot lately. 

This is one of the most moist cakes I have ever tasted and created.  I loved how the fresh cranberries burst in the batter, not just turning it mulberry in colour but purple in places too. 
I am sharing this recipe with Hey what's for dinner mom?! Just Another Meatless Monday.
Recipe to be posted here soon.


  1. Cranberries are so exciting in a cake! Am looking forward to your recipe as I do with all your recipes. Kind of fits a Valentine mood, don't you think Shaheen.. a few cinnamon hearts perhaps. Am anxious to find out what made the frosting pink.

    1. Thanks Bren, Promise to post it, just finind the energy and time to blog. Love the suggestion of cinnamon hearts.

  2. that looks so good!! i want to make it. still haven't been to newport recently.... i'll come over when i have some time off!!

    1. Thanks Sian, its been real popular. Its my own creation too, so I am well chuffed with it. Hope to see you one of these days.


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