Sunday, 17 February 2013

Strawberry Jelly Hearts

I've not had jelly for a long while, I gave it up many many years ago when I learned it was made from bovine or pork gelatin.

Its only in the last year, I have begun to dive into a trifle or a bowl of jelly when I found out it was made from agar agar or carrageenan - a seaweed extract - suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.   This is not to say, I will be indulging in wobbly brightly coloured edible delights loads, no they will only be made for celebratory occasions.
Of course, I had to make some heart shaped jellies (using my silicone heart shaped moulds) for my Valentines evening.  Its the first time I had used them for making jelly and they were fantastic and plopped out of the moulds so easily.   
These little edible strawberry flavoured hearts were adored with fresh berries and cream.


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