Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Vegan Tiger Cake

In the past I've posted a cake that I've rather pretentiously called Leopard Cake (Chocolate Chip Banana Bread) because of the rosettes on gold.  This time I am calling this one Tiger Cake - so called because of the tiger pattern and colouring. Its actually a Vanilla Chocolate Banana Marble cake and its suitable for vegan too.

I've been making this Vegan Tiger Cake on and off for the past six months.  It was even recently requested to feature on the menu of an 88th Birthday bash.  
This Tiger Cake came about when I saw someone make a Zebra Cake. Well I didn't think I could get a cake perfect with white and black stripes, but I knew I could for colours that would aptly describe a Tiger Cake.  Well here it is, unadorned.  Its a moist, flavourful and textual cake.      
Vanilla Chocolate Banana Marble Cake aka Tiger Cake
Serves 12
Recipe to follow


  1. Look forward to the recipe, really cool looking cake. Flavours sound yummy too!

  2. oh that is so funny... yours looks STUNNING!

  3. I've never seen the zebra cake before, but this tiger cake looks very delicious!


  4. Looks lovely - I've wanted to make a zebra cake for ages but who knows if I ever will - love your relaxed approach to the cake

  5. Can't wait to see your recipe!

    1. Thanks Claudine, I've a number of cake recipes outstandign to post - its just getting time to type them up.


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